Travel Tools

Time Zones Converter

The VirtualTourist Time Zones Converter is among the most powerful time converters on the web. It allows you to convert times between almost any two locations on the planet. You can choose from over 2,000,000 locations. For example, if the time in Ulriksdal, Sweden is 22:46, we'll let you know that the time in Broken Hill, Australia is 06:16 on the next day. That's interesting because part of the year, the town itself has its own time zone!

Currency Converter

The Currency Converter lets you convert between different world currencies. After you've chosen your conversion, you can make a printable Currency Sheet that's perfect to take with you on your travels.

Metric/US Converter

The Metric/US Converter allows you to make 20 conversions from Metric to US measures. You can convert Temperatures, Distance, Weight and Liquid Volumes at the click of a button.

VT Language Helpers

While VirtualTourist has members from over 220 countries and territories around the world, English is used as our Lingua Franca because of its widespread acceptance.

If you'd like to join us but need occasional help reading or writing in English or if even if you just need help translating something from English to another language, you can get help from your fellow members--The VT Language Helpers.

SeatGuru - Pick The Best Seat on The Plane

SeatGuru is a great site that gives you the information you need to pick the best seat on your next flight.
* Detailed seat map graphics.
* In-depth seat specific comments denoting seats with limited recline, reduced legroom, mis-aligned windows.
* Color-coding to help identify superior and substandard seats.
* In-seat power port locations.
* Galley, lavatory, Exit Row and closet locations.