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1"Eastern Cape"  10Aug 12, 2010nora_south_africa  Province of the Western Cape
2"Transkei"  7  6Mar 15, 2009mvtouring  South Africa
3"A Great and diverse Province of South Africa"  14  16Jan 11, 2008PierreZA   Pretoria
4"Wild and serene ~ The Eastern Cape"  10  13Mar 28, 2007Jenniflower  Greater London
5"The Eastern Cape - The Go Wild Province"  31  33Oct 3, 2005MikeAtSea   Durban
6"The Transkei Eastern Cape Mandela Country"  4  8May 1, 2005MTrue  Cagayan de Oro
7"Rainy Eastern Cape"  2  3Jun 13, 2003Alain_Smeets  Molenbeersel
8"Tsitsikamma and St Francis Bay"  7  10Jun 7, 2003paradisedreamer  Cape Town