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1"I want to go back to Africa"  2  13Apr 2, 2014luciaguimaraes  Brazil
2"Recent trip to South Africa"  2  5Nov 27, 2013lapsycrafter  Gatineau
3"Arriving in South Africa...for the first time..."  1Sep 8, 2013barbara.parr  Cape Town
4"Nature at our home in Jeffreys Bay"  2Jul 27, 2013Komatie&Ansie  Jeffrey's Bay
5"Pilanesberg National Park / Sun City"  3May 28, 2013Musikkranker  Bad Kreuznach
6"South Africa ... Much more than south of Africa!!"  11  1May 19, 2013vpas  Hyderabad
7"South Africa by Chance"  1May 5, 2013wabat  Canberra
8"African Safari"  5  19Apr 17, 2013shavy  Ieper
9"Gateway to Greater Africa"  3Apr 10, 2013leon.partsi  Melbourne
10"Safari South Africa"  1Mar 11, 2013JanetFinan  World
11"South Africa"  4  36Feb 23, 2013Merebin  Mildura
12"South Africa"  1  5Feb 15, 2013Robmj  Dunedin
13"South Africa 2012"  3Dec 16, 2012anttivehmas  Lahti
14"Two or more worlds in one country"  2  10Nov 17, 2012melosh  Palatka
15"An impressive up and coming country"  11  27Oct 30, 2012gwened   Pluvigner
16"The RTA Store"Sep 3, 2012mariadem  World
17"South Africa"  3Jul 19, 2012IsisJade  Taipei
18"South Africa in 2012"  2  5Jun 13, 2012GracesTrips   Los Angeles
19"Namibia"  1Jun 13, 2012AmyWooldridge  World
20"South African Adventure"  4  3Jun 11, 2012Gypsystravels  United States of America
21"South Africa"  2Mar 5, 2012babswill  Lagos
22"I LOVE JAKARANDA....;-)"  1  8Jan 26, 2012kharmencita  Germany
23"Sea Food"Dec 21, 2011jacklehorries  World
24"South Africa"  4Nov 21, 2011nuglas  San Diego
25"Johannesburg"  2Aug 1, 2011decortraders  Moradabad
26"Cape town"  2Jul 3, 2011Sambawalk  Hong Kong Island
27"Truly a world in one country!"May 24, 2011oRi_5  Malta
28"Cape Town, South Africa"  2Mar 12, 2011AideenQ  Dublin
29"South Africa"  1Jan 31, 2011jamie29  World
30"Along the Garden Route"  1  4Jan 30, 2011Krumel  Dunboyne
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