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1"Land of many castles"  4Aug 27, 2014Dabs  Chicago
2"Stunning Wales"  11  34Aug 22, 2014cleocat  Greater London
3"WALES IS ALL ABOUT CASTLES AND HIKING IN THE HILLS"  1  2Aug 15, 2014davidjo   Puerto Princesa
4"Wales"Jun 7, 2014halikowski  Budapest
5"Two wonderful week s in Wales"  29  130Sep 1, 2013himalia11  Schupbach
6"Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway"Jun 27, 2013TimeoutQueen  West Midlands
7"Wales"  1May 16, 2013lotharscheer  Vienna
8"A proud and passionate country"  7  32Apr 13, 2013shavy  Ieper
9"BEAUTIFUL WALES!"  2Feb 22, 2013balhannah  Brisbane
10"Wales"  1Oct 25, 2012stevemt   Brisbane
11"Wales"  1  3Jul 18, 2012Alex083  Barry
12"Wonderful wales is waiting"  13  79Jun 17, 2012gwendar  Blackburn
13"My Wales Experience"Jun 10, 2012rockingrobyn  State of Queensland
14"Wales"  2May 5, 2012loja  Estonia
15"Wales"  18Apr 3, 2012spidermiss  Leeds
16"Wales - a place to work but also to explore!"  16Mar 6, 2012tango_jd  Solihull
17"Wales"  22  71Dec 2, 2011nani80  Rijeka
18"Crossing Wales"Nov 25, 2011jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
19"Wales"  1Mar 9, 2011Classroomtravels  Dungarvan
20"The land of song and castles"  1  5Dec 28, 2010awladhassan  United Arab Emirates
21"Castle-hopping in Wales"  3Oct 1, 2010Terrah  Somerset
22"Annual Trips to North Wales"Aug 22, 2010suvanki  Sheffield
23"Wales travel Website"Mar 4, 2010terryjackson  Cardiff
24"Wales: Land of St. David's"  1  1Jan 2, 2010Maria81  London
25"Cymru Am Byth: Wales Forever"  1  3Dec 8, 2009kelsi_GTC.91  Green Turtle Cay District
26"Wales"  1  2Nov 12, 2009a5floor  Apeldoorn
27"wales page"  2  5Aug 26, 2009hanspeter_W.  Zürich
28"The Lower Rhymney Valley"Aug 11, 2009ian.holden  Mandacou
29"Wales"  1Jul 1, 2009dhight  Hamilton
30"Camping in Coedhill Mountain"  1Jun 1, 2009edachsund  Oxford
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