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1"Two wonderful week s in Wales"  29  130Sep 1, 2013himalia11  Schupbach
2"Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway"Jun 27, 2013TimeoutQueen  West Midlands
3"Wales"May 16, 2013lotharscheer  Vienna
4"A proud and passionate country"  7  32Apr 13, 2013shavy  Ieper
5"BEAUTIFUL WALES!"  2Feb 22, 2013balhannah  Brisbane
6"Wales"  1Oct 25, 2012stevemt   Brisbane
7"Wales"  1  3Jul 18, 2012Alex083  Barry
8"Wonderful wales is waiting"  9  60Jun 17, 2012gwendar  Blackburn
9"My Wales Experience"Jun 10, 2012rockingrobyn  State of Queensland
10"Wales"  2May 5, 2012loja  Estonia
11"Wales"  11Apr 3, 2012spidermiss  Leeds
12"Wales - a place to work but also to explore!"  16Mar 6, 2012tango_jd  Solihull
13"Wales"  22  71Dec 2, 2011nani80  Rijeka
14"Crossing Wales"Nov 25, 2011jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
15"Wales"  1Mar 9, 2011Classroomtravels  Dungarvan
16"The land of song and castles"  1  5Dec 28, 2010awladhassan  United Arab Emirates
17"Castle-hopping in Wales"  3Oct 1, 2010Terrah  Somerset
18"Annual Trips to North Wales"Aug 22, 2010suvanki  Sheffield
19"Wales travel Website"Mar 4, 2010terryjackson  Cardiff
20"Wales: Land of St. David's"  1  1Jan 2, 2010Maria81  London
21"Cymru Am Byth: Wales Forever"  1  3Dec 8, 2009kelsi_GTC.91  Green Turtle Cay District
22"Wales"  1  2Nov 12, 2009a5floor  Apeldoorn
23"wales page"  2  5Aug 26, 2009hanspeter_W.  Zürich
24"The Lower Rhymney Valley"Aug 11, 2009ian.holden  Mandacou
25"Wales"  1Jul 1, 2009dhight  Hamilton
26"Camping in Coedhill Mountain"  1Jun 1, 2009edachsund  Oxford
27"Horse riding weekend in Snowdonia"  4  20Apr 3, 2009Krumel  Dunboyne
28"Dyffed, South Wales"  1  3Mar 26, 2009Gerry_Hattrick  Larnaca District
29"My time in Bangor"  5Jan 22, 2009louiseanyon  Newport
30"Some gifts to deliver"Nov 8, 2008wise23girl  State of Queensland
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