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1"A lot of history here"  1  8Sep 24, 2014angiebabe  Xi'an
2"Capital City of ROC"  3Aug 19, 2013THLIN  Shenzhen
3"Entering Nanjing in style."  2Dec 11, 2011suze52  Nowra
4"A Fantastic Weekend Trip"  5  13Nov 18, 2011piglet44  Israel
5"Nanjing"Oct 7, 2011JoanPhua  Shanghai Shi
6"Nanjing"  3Mar 12, 2011Vilmita  Treviso
7"Nanjing is Hot in sumer but cold in winter!"  2May 17, 2010duturi  Ho Chi Minh City
8"Nanjing"  1  6Oct 29, 2009ITjetsetter  Suva
9"Nanjing - The Southern Capital"  62  300Jul 13, 2009Willettsworld  United Kingdom
10"Nanjing"  1  3Jun 18, 2009dragon0419  Honolulu
11"Nanjing"Jun 10, 2009vinceckw  Kuala Lumpur
12"Relaxing Nanjing"  3Feb 17, 2009vivithebeijinger  Beijing
13"Remembering Tragedy and Triumph"  5  22Jun 25, 2008Rabbityama  Kyoto
14"Hospital visitor"  2May 8, 2008Tellme  Brisbane
15"nanjing former capital of ancient china"  3Oct 24, 2007Junz  Cebu Island
16"Nanjing..Ming Tombs.. or 2046"  34  64Oct 10, 2007marsistanbul  Istanbul
17"Nanjing in Spring"  6  8Jun 18, 2007Trique  Singapore
18"The Town of Gloom"  1Jun 14, 2007Aidy_p  Singapore
19"Nanjing - One of China's Best Cities"  1Mar 5, 2007crewrower  Shanghai
20"Southern Capital Nanjing"  1  3Feb 6, 2007bminorca  Vancouver
21"Nanjing"  25  49Jan 12, 2007albaaust  Perth
22"Paul2001 to Lovely Nanjing"  13  21Jan 7, 2007Paul2001  Toronto
23"Nanjing - City of Rich History"  8  8Dec 16, 2006chatterley  Singapore
24"Nanjing"  8  9Dec 5, 2006y_lyn  Singapore
25"one of China's six ancient capitals&cultural city"  2Dec 2, 2006cpim2004  Beijing
26"Tour group to Nanjing"  1  6Oct 13, 2006traveller0070  Singapore
27"Nanjing"  3Sep 27, 2006Imeegar  Davao City
28"There is a war outside your window"  2Sep 25, 2006chodearm  Brooklyn
29"Nanjing - Surprising capital of the South"  8  11Aug 16, 2006SLLiew  Penang
30"Life by the long river"  3Jul 29, 2006jessielein  Shanghai
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