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1"wonderful trip in ancient city- Xi'an"  1Apr 1, 2014AviviD  Xian Shan
2"Xi'an, China"  3  8Dec 27, 2013meteorologist1  Chicago
3"Xi'an China"  3Sep 27, 2013chamaradisanayake  Homagama
4"Here in Xian - my new home for the next year...."  11  36Aug 25, 2013angiebabe  London
5"Terracotta Warriors!"  1  8May 1, 2013bpwarne  Markleeville
6"The Ancient City"  11Mar 28, 2013conniechong  Shanghai
7"Beautiful Xi'an"  1  6Feb 27, 2013foreverstoked  Albuquerque
8"Xi'An"  4  19Oct 12, 2012JessieLang  Spokane
9"Xi'an and the teracotta warriors"  3Sep 3, 2012DrPJ  Balanga
10"Xi'an - China's ancient capital"  5  49Apr 10, 2012Martialsk  Auckland
11"Xian"  2  1Mar 26, 2012JHarris88  Guangzhou
12"The ancient capital of XiAn"  23Jan 28, 2012mojo1980  Singapore
13"Xi'an (西安)"  28  170Dec 12, 2011cal6060  Kuala Lumpur
14"Xian"  7  14Nov 4, 2011roamer61   Long Island
15"XI’AN– “THE NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM""  1  3Sep 28, 2011Andrew_Liu  Hangzhou
16"Terracotta Warriors - Another China Wonder"  13  38Sep 7, 2011Mikebb  Perth
17"Xian"Jul 11, 2011JoanPhua  Shanghai Shi
18"When History Textbook Alive"  19Jul 4, 2011THLIN  Shenzhen
19"The city an army put on the map"  4  14Jun 15, 2011stamporama  Makati
20"SO MUCH TO SEE IN XI'AN!"  3Mar 30, 2011mavl  Tokyo
21"Xi'an - why visit??? For the Terracotta Warriors!"  11  13Dec 26, 2010Green_Frog  Brisbane
22"Nice place for a 2 day visit"  3  16Nov 15, 2010807Wheaton  Augusta
23"Xi'an--A Beautiful City"  3Nov 12, 2010Hazelwang  China
24"Xi'an - Home of the Terra-cotta Warriors"  10  56May 10, 2010al2401  Palmwoods
25"Xian"  32  70Apr 3, 2010SLSong88  Johor Bahru
26"Xi'an - tomb of history"Jan 27, 2010yxgxyz  World
27"LAND OF THE TERRACOTTA SOLDIERS"  3Oct 25, 2009Slapshot1  Glendora
28"Xian - our stopover to see the Terracotta Army"  22  59Oct 1, 2009lindyz  Wollongong
29"Xian - The cradle of Chinese civilisation"  75  346Sep 5, 2009Willettsworld  United Kingdom
30"The Start of Silk Road..."Aug 4, 2009coceng  Kampong Masjid Tanah
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