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1"Kochi"  6  13May 9, 2014IreneMcKay  Hong Kong
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3"Kochi... Yamashita... Wine drinkers... old folks"Apr 6, 2006felybaday  Trinidad
4"Our Home away from Home, Sun Happy KOCHI."  6Feb 23, 2006ScottandShoko  Kochi
5"Two visits to Kochi city"  2  3Dec 23, 2005salisbury3933   Upper Hutt
6"Great Memories of Kochi"Nov 1, 2004Fely  La Trinidad
7"KOCHI CITY"  7  4Jun 21, 2004kiwigal_1  Santiago
8"Kochi home of token and the long tailed cocks"  11  14Jan 9, 2004R.Dettmann  Berlin
9"Godaisan Temple"  4  13Apr 30, 2003RoseAmano  Kawasaki
10"Last pure river in Japan ... Shimanto river"  1  2Mar 18, 2003Wolfin  Oita