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1"The richest cultural city in North America"  1  4Jun 19, 2014jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
2"Once upon a time in Mexico (City) ..."  21  38Jan 9, 2014MichaelFalk1969  Frankfurt am Main
3"Such a Wonderful Surprise"  7  27Dec 26, 2013asolotraveler  Seattle
4"Mexico City"  19  52Dec 14, 2013fachd  Canberra
5"Endless Adventures"  1Sep 29, 2013ClaudiaL13  Naples
6"A World-Class City"  2Jun 4, 2013caminoreal  Tulsa
7"City that has so much to offer"  2Mar 10, 2013shiran_d  London
8"Historical Notes from Visit in 1964"  1  29Jun 22, 2012AlbuqRay  Albuquerque
9"MEXICO CITY (A NICE BLEND OF ASIA, EUROPE & U.S.A."  1Mar 31, 2012listenandlearn  Barcelona
10"CIUDAD DE MEXICO"  10  11Feb 12, 2012draguza  Milan
11"Mexico City"  35  228Jan 3, 2012Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
12"A fantastic city, the metropolis of the future"  31  89Dec 3, 2011gwened  Pluvigner
13"Mexico City"  4  21May 8, 2011blueskyjohn  New Jersey
14"Mexico City aka the spanish New York City"  1  3Feb 27, 2011darrellh  Washington D.C.
15"Great Weekend Get-away"  5  11Dec 11, 2010obcbreeze  Jacksonville
16"Iranian-American woman in Mexico City"  2Nov 20, 2010mojdehmx  Mexico City
17"The Pink Zone"  1  2Jul 29, 2010kevinism  West Hollywood
18"Dicovering Mexico"  3  1Jun 22, 2010diageva  Kanton Aargau
19"MEXICO CITY (DF)"  3Jun 19, 2010melsch  Santa Cruz
20"Mexico Lindo y Querido"  1May 26, 2010Casadecolores  Cabo San Lucas
21"City of my Birth"Apr 17, 2010jsantillan13  San Antonio
22"Mexico City in the 70's"  6Mar 14, 2010garridogal  Boston
23"Mexico on a budget"  1Feb 2, 2010Bourgeois  Wollongong
24"An atmosphere you can cut with a knife"  1Feb 1, 2010TheLongTone  Bristol
25"Ciudad de Mexico"  3Nov 14, 2009xantylaol  Oslo
26"La Ciudad de México"  1Aug 12, 2009Chapayev  Mexico City
27"A journey to Teotlihuacan"  2  3Aug 12, 2009romanista2000  Rome
28"Mexico DF"  1Jul 17, 2009Sonia69  Bilbao
29"Mexico, March 2009"  1Apr 23, 2009mindaug  Vilnius
30"The best time in Mexico City"  16  10Apr 14, 2009patricia1.nunez  Guadalajara
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