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1"Two weeks in Madagascar: a unique experience"  6  30Sep 20, 2014MikeBird  Bedfordshire
2"Back to Madagascar"Jun 20, 2014nadirgiuseppe  World
3"Madagascar"  2  6Aug 20, 2013sim1  Sweden
4"The Eighth Continent"  1  4Apr 21, 2013Orchid  Melbourne
5"Madagascar"  3Apr 15, 2013lotharscheer  Vienna
6"The Big Island"  3Oct 31, 2012Rob1980  Walmer
7"Rija Tours"Dec 12, 2011zelca  World
8"Madagascar"  2Dec 9, 2011rosequartzlover1   Bangkok
9"The Jewel of the Indian Ocean and its Beautiful"  3  14Oct 28, 2011explore_discover  Mahajanga
10"What an adventure, what a country, what a people!"  4  13Jan 30, 2011daleduscher  Minneapolis
11"Madagascar"Nov 11, 2010Baharri  Spain
12"Madagascar"  3Jun 5, 2010Mateosh  North America
13"Madagascar"  1May 23, 2010wwletters  Netanya
14"An island to challenge all senses & sensibilities"  6  7May 5, 2010CatherineReichardt  Johannesburg
15"mada"May 3, 2010Epikuur  Netherlands
16"The fourth largest island in the world"  7  10Dec 14, 2009Helga67  Belgium
17"Madagascar"  3Sep 10, 2009FlyingDutchmen  The Hague
18"Magical Madagascar"  1Aug 16, 2009lemurkat  Christchurch
19"Madagascar"  3Feb 1, 2009Noel_Leon  Torino
20"Madagascar"  1Sep 2, 2008mrpalomar  Florence
21"Madagascar"Apr 29, 2008Skipster  England
22"The greatest island in Africa"Mar 20, 2008amadorgarcia  Barcelona
23"Birds of Prey: The Search is On!"  1  1Dec 21, 2007peachfront  Mandeville
24"IN THE MOUNTAINS"  1Nov 20, 2007V.T.FLAG  Marbella
25"NATURALLY MADAGASCAR"  11  683Nov 12, 2007DAO  Wakefield
26"Madagascar"  1  5Nov 2, 2007bolelo11  Dili
27"Madagaskar"  1  3Oct 18, 2007chmy  Dortmund
28"A Tour through Madagascar"  3  12Sep 29, 2007bumpychick  Margate
29"Madagascar"  7  26Sep 22, 2007janiebaxter  Manchester
30"Madagascar, friendly people, beautiful nature"  3Aug 25, 2007WendyVanTilburg  Antananarivo
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