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1"Vivan Oaxaca, sus tradiciones y su gente !"  4  16Jan 25, 2014tomorino  Zapopan
2"Colonial City of Oaxaca"  27  115Dec 3, 2013fachd  Canberra
3"Oaxaca de Juárez"  17  121Apr 15, 2012Kuznetsov_Sergey   Moscow
4"Full of charm colonial city"  3  8Mar 1, 2012henri123  Île de Montréal
5"Another Sunny Colonial Town"  8  19Feb 25, 2012Jetgirly  North America
6"Colonial City Nested in the Big Mountains"  2  6Dec 19, 2011DSwede  Charleston
7"OAXACA"  7  16Feb 19, 2010Travmad  Pennsylvania
8"Pronounced wa-haca"  3Jan 12, 2010TheLongTone  Bristol
9"Lot´s to see and a really good vibe."  9  22Jan 8, 2010cachaseiro  Denmark
10"Oaxaca"  1Jun 1, 2008El_Cookie  Somerton
11"My Oaxaca de Juárez"May 15, 2008robertbaum  Matsudo
12"Oaxaca"  19  133Feb 19, 2008dila  Amsterdam
13"Oaxaca city"  5  14Jan 27, 2008rambling_rose  Playa del Carmen
14"City of endless stories and sights"  15  21Jan 10, 2008leigh767  Hong Kong
15"susie margaret and oaxaca, mexico"  11Jul 19, 2007susiemargare   Franklin
16"Oaxaca"  1Feb 24, 2007sumit_b  Florida
17"Very interesting lively former colonial town!"  1Feb 3, 2007jayggg  London
18"Beautiful and colorful Oaxaca"  4Jan 8, 2007poupeeAztec  Anaheim
19"Oaxaca"Nov 1, 2006Focoloco  Oakland
20"Wonderful Oaxaca"  24  101Sep 15, 2006TheWanderingCamel  State of Western Australia
21"Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico"  1  2Aug 4, 2006sdhaley  Red Deer
22"At the hill of the Guajes"  2  7May 25, 2006pencho15  Coapa
23"The most beautiful place !!"  3  7May 8, 2006Gomita  Mexico City
24"Oaxaca Mexico"  3Apr 2, 2006GDHarrison  Vancouver
25"Oaxaca"  2Mar 22, 2006andrewyong  London
26"Ten days of Oaxacan culture, nature, and beauty"  3Mar 15, 2006TrinkaVT  Randolph Center
27"OAXACA MEXICO * Wha Ha Ka"  2  7Feb 28, 2006spitball  Vancouver
28"Oaxaca"  3Feb 13, 2006Fede81  Milan
29"Cacti and Cappuccinos"  14  17Feb 6, 2006Marie-France  Toronto
30"Dia de los Muertos"  6  28Jan 30, 2006kandl1  San Francisco
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