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1"The perfect chillout place."  8  17Dec 19, 2009cachaseiro   Denmark
2"surfers, yes. single, no."  12  23Aug 12, 2008rkearns   Vieques
3"Puerto Escondido"  2Jun 25, 2008chizz  Doha
4"My Puerto Escondido"May 15, 2008robertbaum  Yokohama
5"Puerto Escondido"  4  5Mar 23, 2008Arial_27  Thunder Bay
6"Puerto Escondido"  3Mar 5, 2008Originalpaolone  Milan
7"A must!"  2Feb 3, 2007jayggg  London
8"Lower key touristy town with an awesome beach"  1  4Jan 17, 2007Srechko  Santiago
9"Puerto Escondido"Nov 12, 2006GDHarrison  Vancouver
10"Puerto Escondito"  2Mar 28, 2006Travmad  Pennsylvania
11"A good place to chill out for a few days"  8  10Feb 10, 2006Marie-France  Toronto
12"A magic beach on the pacific mexican coast..."  1Dec 25, 2005maruyelmundo  Buenos Aires
13"Surfers paradise"  2Nov 12, 2005Enzyme_X  Ljubljana
14"Puerto Escondido"  1  2May 14, 2005mortica  Bergen
15"Puerto Escondido"  1Mar 13, 2004woef  Belgium
16"Puerto Escondido"  1Jun 4, 2003Luis_A  Madrid
17"Puerto Escondido, a surfers paradise."  14  12Oct 8, 2002mocca  Hoek van Holland
18"Puerto Escondido - Surfers Paradise"  17  61Sep 16, 2002leffe3  Melbourne