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1"Contae na Gaillimhe"  2Apr 25, 2013Aurorae  Belgrade
2"Galway and Connemara"  12  60Feb 27, 2013MalenaN    Europe
3"Connemara"  1Oct 17, 2010leafmcgowan  Manitou Springs
4"Now my home"  13  10Dec 30, 2008sourbugger   County Galway
5"Beauty of the Nature in Lots of Shapes"  1  4Sep 12, 2007EPoodle  Dublin
6"Cliffs of Moher"  3Apr 23, 2007travel_passion25  Athens
7"Air Show"  3Mar 4, 2007zuzannawos  Ireland
8"Cliffs, green hills, Celtic Crosses"  3Feb 21, 2007global-wanderer  Elmira
9"County Galway"  1Jul 28, 2006LadyXoc  Illinois
10"Connemara Trip"  1Apr 7, 2006Bilimari  Connecticut
11"Fulacht fia, cillin and Connemara."  3  11Feb 17, 2006leics  Leicester
12"County Galway.....the best of the WEST!!"  2Dec 3, 2005ladyanne  Stamford
13"Connemara"  3  4Aug 28, 2005cecicorr  Modena
14"Co GALWAY"  1  2Aug 21, 2005SpagBoll  Ireland
15"The Wild West of Ireland"  6  9Aug 8, 2005rexvaughan  Decatur
16"Connemara & the movie " the Quiet man""  22  26Jul 5, 2005globetrott  Vienna
17"Back to my memories"Jul 2, 2005seljohn  London
18"Galway - On the west coast of Ireland"  5  7Jun 9, 2005807Wheaton  Evans
19"Connemara County Galway"  6  17Jun 3, 2005Cruefan  Easthampton
20"From Sligo to Galway"  3May 27, 2005arkryger  Forsyth
21"Connemara, County Galway"  1Mar 17, 2005ForestqueenNYC  Paris
22"County Galway"  2Dec 4, 2004AnnaLupilla  Nürnberg
23"I came, I saw, it rained!"  4  11Sep 15, 2004Marpessa  Canada
24"24 hours in County Galway"  12  18Jul 10, 2004sue_stone  Sydney
25"hiking and drinking beer in county galway."  10  11May 7, 2004cachaseiro  Denmark
26"Connemara"  3Dec 14, 2003blanter  Delft
27"County Galway"  3  3Oct 26, 2003ultchuk  Den Bosch
28"A day in County Galway"  2  11Oct 15, 2003Alain_Smeets  Molenbeersel
29"WELCOME TO MY COUNTY GALWAYS PAGE ......:-)"  16  19Jul 31, 2003eden_teuling  Netherlands
30"The Lakes of Connemara"  2  3May 16, 2003AR76  Eibergen
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