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1"A day trip from Guanajuato"  3Jan 31, 2015flynboxes  Redondo Beach
2"San Miguel de Allende"  9  36Jun 8, 2014fachd  Canberra
3"Stop in the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro"  1  4Feb 21, 2014jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
4"A Jewel in Mexico's Heritage Crown"  2  11Aug 30, 2013Sinjoor  Monterrey
5"Beautiful Colonial City"Aug 18, 2011junegrif1  Alabama
6"San Miguel de Allende"  4Feb 10, 2010CarmenCarmena  Portland
7"Wonderful place for an artist to visit!"Jul 5, 2009artistgal511  Chico
8"San Miguel de Allende - Mexico"  1Jun 25, 2008chizz  Doha
9"Great City with Lively Culture"  1  2May 4, 2008dtimoske  San Antonio
10"Una pintoresca ciudad colonial"  1  7Apr 11, 2008tomorino  Zapopan
11"Travel Notes from San Miguel de Allende"  4  19Mar 11, 2008gdilieto  Singapore
12"THE HEART OF MEXICO"  1Feb 25, 2008madamx  Calgary
13"SAN MIGUEL de ALLENDE, MEXICO"  6  26Dec 13, 2007ViajesdelMundo  Los Barriles
14"A very Mexican place.. with many foreign dwellers!"  7  8Aug 27, 2007Laura_Mexico  Mexico City
15"Mexico Culture and Hot Springs!"Jul 6, 2007balesna  Kailua-Kona
16"Generic ExPat Happy in San Miguel !"Jun 15, 2007Lavender.Sage  San Miguel de Allende
17"My San Miguel"Feb 27, 2007BitsyB  World
18"San Miguel"  1Jan 14, 2007euzkadi  Guatemala
19"Great place to visit..."  2Dec 17, 2006Reynald  Chihuahua
20"San Miguel de Allende - Worth a Quick Stop"  3  11Apr 7, 2006jungles  Paris
21"San Miguel de Allende"  3Jan 24, 2006spitball  Vancouver
22"San Miguel De Allende"  1Jan 24, 2006Enzyme_X  Ljubljana
23"American Expat Headquarters"  1  16Jan 17, 2006JeSuisJill  New York City
24"San Miguel de Allende"Dec 26, 2005nyceagle1633  Jersey City
25"San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato"  3Aug 28, 2005mayadoc  San Salvador
26"Just a picture of San Miguel"  1Aug 3, 2005schuurton  Schiedam
27"San Miguel de Allende"  2Jun 17, 2005jumanuel  World
28"Colonial charm, relaxed atmosphere"  2  6Apr 27, 2005VdV  Los Angeles
29"foreign community"  2Jan 8, 2005bluedeep  New York City
30"Another Side of Mexico"  11  9Dec 14, 2004lareina  Eugene
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