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1"Zihuatanejo, Mexico"  1Feb 26, 2014Agraichen  Chula Vista
2"Friendly people and beautiful town!"  1  6Sep 17, 2012WBeall  Galveston
3"Zihuan"Aug 27, 2012sharonpullar  Salinas
4"Fishing paradise"May 4, 2012swissfondue  Melbourne
5"Quiet, low key destination"  1  8Nov 6, 2008bpwarne  Markleeville
6"Paradise..."  2  3Sep 19, 2008Nicckie  Santa Monica
7"Beautiful bay threatened by pollution"  7  13Aug 12, 2008rkearns  Vieques
8"Zihuatanejo, Mexico"  3  11Jun 30, 2008penumbra  Calgary
9"Zihuatanejo"  3Mar 24, 2008Pitelitel  Curaçao
10"Welcome to Zihuatanejo!"  3May 3, 2007RobynRLP  Saint Paul
11"A winter paradise..."  2  5Mar 18, 2006mexicruiser  La Paz
12"Zihuatanejo - Ixtapa"  3Feb 2, 2006LooLoo  Vancouver
13"ZIhuatanejo, Mexico"  2  3May 5, 2005Zihrena  Mexico
14"Andy' s Refuge of the Shawshank Redemption"  8  7Mar 25, 2005dragoness86  Olympia
15"So much to do!"  1  2Dec 12, 2004TaniaMaria  Houston
16"Living in Zihuatanejo"Aug 11, 2004ZihuaRob  Zihuatanejo
17"Paradise on Earth"  3  4Apr 21, 2004Brehone  Seattle
18"Zihuatanejo"  1Oct 12, 2003repete130  Pflugerville
19"Zihuatanejo and my first day in Mexico"Aug 25, 2003bellatrix  Seattle
20"Honeymoon"Jul 21, 2003mandrela  New York City
21"Zihuatanejo"  3Apr 19, 2003travelinxs  England
22"A hidden treasure is Ixtapa Mexico.."  2  3Apr 13, 2003Kodi01  Dallas
23"Comming soon"Dec 31, 2002Ed007  Canada
24"Zihuatanejo"  9  19Oct 29, 2002seagoingJLW  Coconut Creek
25"Location"  21Sep 4, 2002yeah_baby  Vancouver