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1"Palm Springs South"Apr 19, 2009bpwarne  Markleeville
2"Under Construction. Sorry about the dust!"  1  1May 27, 2007DAO  Wakefield
3"A small fishing town"  22  85Apr 19, 2006malianrob  Los Angeles
4"San Felipe, Baja California Norte"  12  14Jan 31, 2006Mandy23  California
5"An Aussie in San Felipe"  1Jan 28, 2006leonthelion  Cairns
6"Spring Break"Dec 29, 2004TahoeMike  South Lake Tahoe
7"The other side of Baja"  11  11Dec 11, 2003mht_in_la  Los Angeles
8"A quiet seaside town."  5  6Feb 4, 2003dabuwan  Milan
9"San Felipe!"  1Nov 22, 2002SanFelipeBob  San Felipe