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1"Banff National Park, Canada" May 29, 2015Jef5  Victoria
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3"The Stuff That Makes Us Travel"  18  26Mar 22, 2014easterntrekker  Halifax
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5"Banff National Park"  9  47Aug 6, 2013Jim_Eliason  Arlington
6"Welcome to the Rockies."  5  30Apr 25, 2012twilightmuse  Black Diamond
7"Welcome to Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada"  3  17Feb 22, 2012Ann75   Vancouver
8"Banff National Park"  7  18Apr 3, 2011spidermiss  Leeds
9"Banff National Park"  6  19Oct 14, 2010GrumpyDiver   Ottawa
10"Banff - Columbia Icefield"  3May 12, 2010t_cinanni  Perth
11"Not Really Bashing Banff But...."  24  41Nov 26, 2009richiecdisc  Munich
12"Banff and Jasper"  1Sep 21, 2009ssnclv  Toronto
13"Banff National Park"  2  11Apr 25, 2009Twan  Sint-Oedenrode
14"Banff, Canada"  3Dec 2, 2008kellyyoung  Sacramento
15"Banff National Park"  3Nov 17, 2008Hanau93  Saint Albert
16"A visit to beautiful Lake Louise"  1Sep 12, 2008807Wheaton  Evans
17"Canadian Rockies"  3  9Jul 3, 2008tuff  San Francisco
18"Icefield Parkway, most exciting road in Canada?.."  1  6Jan 12, 2008lucythedog  Skagway
19"Banff National Park"  3Dec 11, 2007FlyingDutchmen  The Hague
20"Lake Louise, Banff National Park"  1Oct 24, 2007cregc  Seattle
21"An UNESCO World Heritage!!"  3  7Sep 5, 2007cinthya_in_victoria  Mexico City
22"An outdoor enthusiast's heaven!"  1Aug 21, 2007bruingirl  Torrance
23"banff national park"  1Aug 7, 2007coldincanadabrr  Cold Lake
24"THE CANADIAN ROCKY MOUNTAINS"  33  49Jul 19, 2007lazyman_1  Toronto
25"Beautiful Banff"  2  9Jun 20, 2007Babzz  Canada
26"Lake Minnewanka..." Water of Spirits", Banff, AB"  2Jun 11, 20074x4Xplorer  Chakwal
27"Cdn$20 bill site"  1Mar 13, 2007siver  Seattle
28"Christmas in Banff"  1Jan 29, 2007Daniele-N-Dallas  Dallas
29"Banff, Canada"  2Dec 27, 2006piethein  Nigtevecht
30"Mountain High"  6  12Oct 27, 2006Toughluck  Valparaiso
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