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1"Coal Mining Turned Tourist Town Near Banff"  8  16Aug 4, 2014atufft  Stockton
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6"Canmore, Alberta"  3Jul 14, 2008RidingTall  Columbus
7"CANMORE in the Rockies."Sep 20, 2007davidtee  Victoria
8"The Start Of Our Rocky Mountains Adventure"  6  14Sep 17, 2007Mikebb  Perth
9"My Real Home"  9Sep 6, 2007bobsreturn2004  Canmore
10"Canmore - anyone for a winter wedding?"  8  24Feb 19, 2007Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
11"Canmore: Nice Town"  5  3Sep 9, 2006Redang  Madrid
12"The little town to the east of Banff"  1May 15, 2006YolandaC  Calgary
13"Camping Around Canmore"  1Feb 4, 2006Camping_Girl  Nanton
14"my Alberta getaway"  1Sep 15, 2005alberta_man  Edmonton
15"Canmore - Outdoor adventures"  3  4Sep 3, 2005rdo911  Winnipeg
16"Canmore - the place to look up"  25  31Sep 2, 2005scottishvisitor  Aberdeen
17"Canmore"  1Aug 16, 2005trek06  Canada
18"Canmore"  1Mar 17, 2005Matyas  Fredericton
19"In the heart of the Canadian Rockies!"  2  1Mar 10, 2005Jen.W  Calgary
20"Canmore"  1  3Jan 12, 2005peterdhduncan  Bredon
21"Banff's good buddy..."Aug 17, 2004cybercutie  Calgary
22"Canmore, Alberta"  1  3Apr 3, 2004jamiesno  Goose Bay
23"WHAT BANFF SHOULD BE"  19  22Mar 12, 2004madamx  Calgary
24"The beauty of the Canadian Rockies"  4  4Sep 5, 2003BLewJay  Oceanside
25"Canmore, Alberta"  1Jul 7, 2003rmdw  Vancouver
26"CANMORE - The Rocky Mountain town that has it all!"May 10, 2003Brena  Berlin
27"Canmore, an ugly scar on the beautiful Mountains"  1  2Sep 4, 2002Willem_oa  Winnipeg
28"Gateway to Banff"  1  2Sep 1, 2002dinhyen  Cambridge
29"Welcome to the Canadian Rockies"  7  19Aug 29, 2002spartan  Oceanside