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1"A Great Day Trip"  2  9Jun 17, 2012kehale  Mission
2"Blue Lake Resort"May 31, 2012DwaneW  World
3"2 hours east of Vancouver..."  3  16Mar 25, 2008Camping_Girl  Nanton
4"Silvester Stone´s "Hope"."  1Jun 6, 2007adejansen  Nijmegen
5"Great little town with film making aspirations"  2Oct 23, 2006jhorsfield30  Porthcawl
6"Hope"  9  14Aug 26, 2006Redang   Madrid
7"This is about ROSS LAKE - It's near Hope"  23Jul 3, 2006Cuteclu  North Vancouver
8"Back in BCagain"  1May 27, 2006lucythedog  Skagway
9"Hope, B.C."  1Nov 16, 2005nwmountaingirl  Seattle
10"HOPE - Chainsaw carving Capital."  4  4Jun 22, 2005joanj  Ipswich
11"Where Rambo & Cliffhanger were Filmed"  2Nov 11, 2004Zanzibargirl  Newcastle
12"Hope, B.C."Oct 13, 2004WulfstanTraveller  Santa Rosa
13"Where there's travel, there's Hope!"Sep 6, 2003Darby2  Darby Delight
14"Hope "the Chainsaw Carving Capital”"  3  1Jun 21, 2003sunnywong  Burnaby