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1"Good place to be on an empty stomach."  7  15Jun 22, 2011twilightmuse  Black Diamond
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3"Kitchener, more than a Beer fest town"  2  3Jul 18, 2007sunshinegrin  Kitchener
4"Oktoberfest - My Christmas"  3Sep 23, 2006sunnychick  Guelph
5"Kitchener"  3Aug 19, 2006wakaremasta  Canada
6"Welcome to Kitchener"  1Aug 16, 2006SBWilson  Kitchener
7"Kitchener"Aug 16, 2004chagi1  Windsor
8"Do not drive in Kitchener!"Dec 4, 2003Kitchenersucks  Detroit
9"Kitchener-Waterloo"Jul 25, 2003Sasie  Kitchener