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1"my past time living in deptford london"Jan 5, 2012chrispbliss  Doncaster
2"A short stop in London"  4  6Aug 9, 2010Dabs  Chicago
3"London, ONTARIO...not England."  1Nov 12, 2008Trisha12  Manitoulin Island
4"Our son's hometown"  15  49Jul 21, 2008Redlats   Winnipeg
5"London"  3Aug 2, 2007Kaspian  North Bay
6"LONDON, ONTARIO CANADA"  14  50Jul 13, 2007LoriPori  Windsor
7"The Forest City"  1Jul 23, 2006lovelygirl_35  London
8"deep impression ..."  1Mar 30, 2006vanwluo  Beijing Shi
9"LONDON, Ontario"Feb 16, 2006ch1_m47t  Manitowaning
10"London"  2Jan 30, 2006Travelorr  London
11"not london, but london"  1  6Oct 29, 2005nobi_ya  Beijing
12"Home of the young"  1Feb 18, 2005Pypes55  Toronto
13"london-not "LONDON""  1  2Jan 13, 2005YUNG_LOCK  Beijing
14"London, Canada"  1Jan 5, 2005funk_daddy  London
15"London"  1  15Nov 12, 2004Martman  Toronto
16"Home to Rick, Bill, Ed, Bob,Greg, Norma,Sharon, Sh"Jul 14, 2004Scottt777  Toronto
17"Forest City"  2Jun 27, 20044christ  London
18"London Ontario"Nov 2, 2003kakou226  Woodstock
19"London Ont - Halfway between Toronto and Windsor"  7  38Oct 26, 2003CdnJane  Barrie
20"A marvelous day with 3 of my best friends & Lori."  43Oct 25, 2003Waalewiener  Windsor
21"Nice town"  1Apr 17, 2003Arudberg  Sweden
22"London"  1Oct 28, 2002jessmorg  London
23"LONDON ONTARIO"  8  26Sep 1, 2002Simonneeddy  Province of Quebec
24"Truus Ontario page...we making a trip in sept 2001"  15  16Jun 15, 2002truus_s  Eibergen
25"Terri and Jonathan"Apr 17, 2002taojourney  London
26"London, Ontario"  1Mar 24, 2002sassy12  North America
27"Andrikos's new London Page"  1  2Jul 22, 2001Andrikos  London
28"barbaraq's new Forest Page"  3Jul 19, 2001barbaraq  London
29"LONDON... Another "Home" away..."  11  7Apr 21, 2001Kai112DE  Ratingen
30"Theosmother's new London Page"  5  1Mar 3, 2001Theosmother  Richmond
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