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1"Excellent city in the sunshine or in the snow"  7  20Mar 15, 2012PeterVancouver  Tsawwassen
2"Canada's Capital"Jul 10, 2011Pamdenec  Dartmouth
3"Home is where the job is?"  2Jul 9, 2011LiliCanada  Regina
4"O t t a w a"  82  384Jun 30, 2011kris-t   Belle River
5"Canada's Capital City"  1  4Nov 1, 2010jgacis  Alhambra
6"Walking in the downtown core"  3Aug 17, 2010MICHELBUZZELL  World
7"Cozy Village our Capital"  1  8Jun 18, 2010tamasbr  Niagara Falls
8"Ottawa - spring"  1May 17, 2010RamaHa  Lithuania
9"Canada's Capital!"  10  36May 16, 2010Marisola  Chicago
10"Ottawa, Ontario !"  2  1Oct 16, 2009LiindaM  Manitoulin Island
11"The amazing vastity of the canadian territory"  3Aug 18, 2009romanista2000  Rome
12"Ottawa"  19  42Aug 13, 2009apbeaches  New York City
13"Student Life was the Life for Me!"  8  4Aug 10, 2009kehale  Mission
14"The Oft-Missed In-Between"  2Jun 7, 2009bocmaxima  Marina
15"Ottawa - Canada's Capital"  25  233May 31, 2009GrumpyDiver  Ottawa
16"Jumping around Ottawa!"  2  6Jan 31, 2009jumpingnorman  Phoenix
17"Ottawa"  3Jan 20, 2009junikaralasingham  Canada
18"Ottawa"Nov 13, 2008Wallace2008  Manitoulin Island
19"Ottawa"  1Oct 29, 2008Creep420  Sudbury
20"When I go to Ottawa"Oct 29, 2008harry_waagosh  Manitoulin Island
21"My introduction to beautiful Canada"  7  24Sep 29, 2008marielexoteria  Copenhagen
22"My Visits to Canada's Capital"  13  37Aug 6, 2008Paul2001  Toronto
23"My Capital!"  4  4Jul 12, 2008Bytowner  Ottawa
24"A Great City To Visit"  16  60Jun 29, 2008Mikebb  Perth
25"Queen Victoria Done Good!"  67  144Jun 23, 2008yooperprof  Marquette
26"Ottawa-Nations capital"  5  6May 20, 2008choco15_2008  Montreal
27"My office building...."  2Apr 17, 2008reading11  Ottawa
28"Ottawa in Pictures"  2  11Feb 25, 2008bwk_michael  Manchester
29"Ottawa, a city very close to my heart!"  11  10Feb 15, 2008monica71  Saint Charles
30"Definitely A Tale Of Two Cities!!"  62  125Jan 26, 2008johngayton   Lundy Island
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