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1"A charming town, even when the weather's atrocious"  11  16Nov 3, 2012CatherineReichardt  Johannesburg
2"Victoria"  77  186Sep 30, 2012pieter_jan_v  Hengelo
3"The whole town struck us as a tourist trap"Feb 22, 2012justvisitedvictoria  World
4"Victoria."  3Oct 25, 2011davidtee  Victoria
5"Charming Victoria, B.C."  2Sep 4, 2011wrldtrvlr3341  Orlando
6"Beautiful Victoria."  7  59Apr 24, 2011K.Knight  Buderim
7"Pretty Town"  1Feb 22, 2011dhoffm  Pittsburgh
8"Facing the Weather and the Mountains"  73  237Nov 23, 2010glabah  Lents
9"Victoria, BC"  6  16Sep 25, 2010canuck68   Port Alberni
10"Victoria a city in bloom"  3  6Aug 17, 2010mariaschmidt  Tel Aviv-Yafo
11"VICTORIA - PECULAIRLY CANADIAN"  14  39Mar 23, 2010mtncorg  Portland
12"Victoria - March 2010"  12  18Mar 11, 2010Karlie85  Edmonton
13"Quenching the Thirst of a Glorious Past: Victoria"  25  45Nov 22, 2009richiecdisc  Munich
14"Straight Of Juan DE Fuca"  1Oct 9, 2009lifeisabeach  Victoria
15"Gorgeous, Pristine and Ever Polite"Oct 4, 2009girakittie  New Orleans
16"On and Off the Road in Victoria"  7  14Sep 20, 2009Roadquill  Calabasas
17"W-I-P"Sep 10, 2009jethanand  Germantown
18"So much to see that is free!"  2  7Jul 11, 2009canadadel  Victoria
19"Butchart Gardens and High Tea"  3  10May 18, 2009riorich55  Naperville
20"Victoria"  3  15Apr 25, 2009Twan  Sint-Oedenrode
21"Victoria in November"  4Nov 22, 2008prh1967  Denmark
22"Favorite Harbor Town"  12  6Nov 17, 2008grasshopper_6  Sarasota
23"Victoria and the Royal Roads!"  6  15Aug 18, 2008jamiesno  Goose Bay
24"A Beautiful City...."  21Aug 12, 2008Donna_in_India  New Jersey
25"Victoria - A Charming and Relaxing City"  2  13Jul 31, 2008victorwkf  Serangoon
26"Beautiful Victoria BC"  3Feb 19, 20082Cities1Love  Melbourne
27"Wecome to My Victoria Page"Jan 6, 2008malianrob  Los Angeles
28"A City Rich in History"Dec 10, 2007Tomkat85  Bend
29"Victoria, BC"  13  41Nov 28, 2007olgaehr  Newcastle
30"Impromptu visit to Victoria"  1Nov 9, 2007KalamazooJohn  Sedro-Woolley
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