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1"The Gateway To British Columbia"  5  17Jun 21, 2014briantravelman    Oroville
2"Take A Stroll By the Beach"  1Jun 10, 2012kehale  Mission
3"Journey to White Rock"  9  16May 21, 2009Karlie85   Edmonton
4"White Rock"  3May 27, 2007BMer  White Rock
5"White Rock - Canada Day 2005"  2  24Feb 9, 2007elmendorfs   Collegedale
6"Very romantic..."  2  5Sep 1, 2006Minka007  Victoria
7"White Rock"  3Jan 7, 2005Sladja_79  Vancouver
8"Lovely for an Evening Stroll"  2  11Aug 13, 2004CdnJane  Barrie
9"Cool Chilled Little Seaside Resort"Apr 23, 2004tylercdurden2004  Dubai
10"A Great Evening Stroll"  4  5Mar 23, 2003duanestorey  Vancouver