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1"WINDSOR ONTARIO CANADA"  1  8Sep 1, 2013DennyP  Parramatta
2"i did visit Windsor Ontario Twice"May 11, 2013kenHuocj  Ottawa
3"Windsor River Cruises"  1Apr 6, 2013wesm12  World
4"WINDSOR"Sep 9, 2012Jef5  Victoria
5"Windsor-Detroit Area"Jul 10, 2011Pamdenec  Dartmouth
6"Planning a visit"Aug 3, 2009Redlats  Winnipeg
7"GREAT GOLF COURSES IN ESSEX COUNTY"  1Oct 1, 2008foxglen  World
8"Windsor---our friendly neighbors to the North"  4  12Oct 31, 2007sabogg01  Lexington
9"Just back from a quick visit across the border"  8  14Aug 23, 2007Dabs  Chicago
10"It is greener on the other side of the fence!"  2  2Jun 17, 2007staindesign  Indianapolis
11"Metropolis on the Border"Apr 3, 2007Toughluck  Valparaiso
12"Windsor - the "Pu dong" of Detroit"  2  9Mar 3, 2007Bob_Shan  Shanghai
13"Weekend Getaway to Windsor"  2Feb 6, 2007jennwerner  Sunbury
14"windsor"  1Jan 4, 2007difi_ro  Michigan
15"Windsor, across from Detroit"  1  5Nov 11, 2006bilgeez  Detroit
16"Windsor Wonderland"  12  51Aug 22, 2006janetanne  Athens
17"So close, it's like you're still in the "D""  3Aug 8, 2006HotRodEtte  Woodhaven
18"A very short trip into Canada."Jul 5, 2006mr_smad  Sainte Genevieve
19"U-N-D-E-R _______ C-O-N-S-T-R-U-C-T-I-O-N !"  1Jun 9, 2006DAO  Wakefield
20"My Windsor Homepage"  1Jun 3, 2006freddie18  Toronto
21"World Art for ALS Awareness"  1Apr 23, 2006PALS  Chelsea
22"MOM! CAN YOU SEE ME? OVER HERE! HEY DAD! HELLO!"  2  12Apr 22, 2006Sibbella  Windsor
23"We'll always be Bosom Buddies! Que Bueno!!"  2  7Sep 28, 2005keida84  Oxnard
24"A city worth visiting!"  7  6Aug 29, 2005Martman  Toronto
25"Windsor, the city across from Detroit"  1Jun 29, 2005cvilla007  Nagoya
26"WINDSOR"  1May 27, 2005Daja123  Slovenia
27"The Wonders of Windsor"  3  4Jan 15, 2005JudiandBill  Tulsa
28"The Royal House of Windsor"  3Dec 28, 2004Tasmania  Hobart
29"A Taste of Canada"  3Nov 9, 2004yooperprof  Marquette
30"WINDSOR - MY HOME TOWN"  111  332Sep 19, 2004LoriPori  Windsor
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