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1"Close to the Arctic Circle"  2  7Dec 8, 2013RavensWing   Edmonton
2"Yellowknife, NWT, Canada"  1Apr 25, 2013GypsyKat  Bowen Island
3"Yellowknife - Northwest Territories - Canada"  3  18Aug 7, 2010GrumpyDiver   Ottawa
4"Way up in the arctic"Jan 20, 2007maritayak  Yellowknife
5"YellowKnife"  12  31Oct 15, 2006Rctavel  Surrey
6"A fresh arctic morning"  1Feb 16, 2005markminer  Paris
7"NORTH WEST TERRITORIES"  1Nov 20, 2004mwkwan  Vancouver
8"North of 60! Yellowknife, Northwest Territories!"  68  111Sep 18, 2004jamiesno  Goose Bay
9"Yellowknife"Sep 18, 2003ShannonCrummey  Yellowknife
10"Yellowknife, Northwest Territories"Jun 20, 2003ShannonTaylor  Courtenay
11"The WYTE BROS AND SUZIE YELLOWKNIFE 1980"  1May 6, 2003stevesolo  Rawdon
12"Macgyver-11's new Yellowknife Page"  11  12Jun 4, 2002Macgyver-11  Yellowknife
13"Darby2's Yellowknife Page"  9  13May 27, 2002Darby2  Darby Delight
14"MylesD's new Yellowknife Page"May 6, 2002MylesD  Montreal
15"Cabana Boy's Yellowknife Page"  12  11Feb 26, 2002Cabana_Boy  Luanda
16"Carl / Nicole Bisaillon's Yellowknife page"  1Feb 8, 2000cbisaillon  Sudbury