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12"So here we are in Yellowstone"  1Nov 13, 2011wise23girl  State of Queensland
13"10 days in Yellowstone National park"  1  15Sep 18, 2011karen_mo  Bournemouth
14"A Beautiful Park filled with Natural Wonders!"Jul 21, 2011RickinDutch  Kodiak
15"Wow, what a place"  1  3Feb 22, 2011dhoffm  Pittsburgh
16"Yellowstone movie"Oct 8, 2010wama4040  Attenrode
17"Yellowstone National Park was fantastic"  42  120Sep 29, 2010Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
18"Basaic Yellowstone National Park Page"  3Sep 23, 2010Basaic  Sierra Vista
19"Yellowstone"  11Jun 17, 2010valerie7277  Detroit
20"Yellowstone National Park - Land of 1000 Smells"  3  19May 31, 2010Tom_In_Madison  Madison
21"Yellowstone Nat'l Park"  38May 11, 2010WaRPer  Bangkok
22"Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, Tetons"  1Feb 3, 2010ArturGuevara  Smithfield
23"Where the Buffalo Roam: Yellowstone"  28  68Dec 11, 2009richiecdisc  Munich
24"YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK."  25  111Nov 14, 2009pfsmalo  La Gouesnière
25"Yellowstone National Park"  3Oct 27, 2009Sevsa  Philadelphia
26"Yellowstone National Park"  19  72Oct 10, 2009Krumel  Dunboyne
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29"Breathtaking Yellowstone"  17  19Jul 7, 2009PALLINA  Munich
30"All About the Geyser"  3Apr 20, 2009erotikryter  Portland
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