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1"Unique Geological Formation"  1  7Feb 8, 2014fred98115  Seattle
2"Devils Tower, Wyoming"  2Sep 1, 2013meteorologist1  Chicago
3"World's Largest Laccolith"  19  79Aug 31, 2013atufft   Stockton
4"Devils Tower National Monument"  1  14Feb 10, 2013xoxoxenophile  Brookings
5"Devils Tower"  4  17Oct 7, 2012Christophe01  Oyonnax
6"Devils Tower: Sacred Site in NE Wyoming"  9  12Dec 13, 2011TooTallFinn24  Sacramento
7"An impressive site, worth seeing close-up"  2Jul 11, 2010jason707  El Paso
8"Devils Tower and a perfect morning stroll"  5May 11, 2010WaRPer  Bangkok
9"Devils Tower"  3Aug 3, 2009Ericasmurf99  Eagle River
10"Basaic Devils Tower Page"  3Jul 19, 2009Basaic  Sierra Vista
11"Haven't been, using to document Wish List location"Dec 10, 2008SoftailSpringer  Florissant
12"First National Monument"  3  14Oct 25, 2008PinkFloydActuary  Gurnee
13"The Tower"  17May 2, 2008moosie1808  McPherson
14"Devils Tower"  2  6Mar 5, 2008scaleguy  Fairmont
15"Devils Tower"  1Dec 16, 2007Spearfish  Glasgow
16"Bear Lodge"  1Aug 24, 2007sim1  Sweden
17"Devils Tower Wyoming, 386 metres high (1267 ft)"  1Jul 18, 2007christerw  Beek
18"No Angels Here.... :)"  1Jun 16, 2007XtravelloverX  Illinois
19"Devil's Tower, Wyoming"May 26, 2007Mugsy13  Winston-Salem
20"Devil's Tower"  1Mar 9, 2007CptCrunch767  Green Bay
21"A special place"  5  9Nov 19, 2006toonsarah   Ealing
22"It's even bigger up close"  2  11Oct 27, 2006Toughluck  Valparaiso
23"Devil's Tower"  8  10Oct 14, 2006kazander  New Jersey
24"Natural Monument Devil's Tower"  5  5Oct 22, 2005Rabbityama  Kyoto
25"Devil's Tower NM Wyoming"  2Nov 3, 2004Keone000  Honolulu
26"DEVIL'S TOWER NATIONAL MONUMENT, WYOMING"  1Jul 17, 2003crzymallard  Saint Paul
27"Mystical"  5  6Feb 9, 2003zrim  Northfield
28"One of America's Great Natural Landmarks"  11  10Dec 11, 2002mrclay2000  Oklahoma City
29"Pine_Haven's - Devils Tower Page"  10  1May 19, 2002Pine_Haven  Wyoming
30"gwgwgw's new Devils Tower Page"Mar 19, 2002gwgwgw  World
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