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1"Milwaukee, Fomer "Brewery Capital of the World""  6  27Nov 17, 2013WulfstanTraveller  Santa Rosa
2"Milwaukee, WI"  1Sep 10, 2011WaRPer  Bangkok
3"Just Up the Lake from Chicago"  6  29Jul 21, 2010riorich55  Naperville
4"Milwaukee : October 2007"  1Apr 14, 2010samitbabu  Dubai
5"Do you like Fun, Food, Beer, and Beaches? YES!"  4  3Jul 2, 2009Sunuwavi  Milwaukee
6"Milwaukee, from the inside of the airport"  3May 27, 2009Rich62  Kearney
7"We Love Milwaukee"  1  1Feb 22, 2009rstary  Green Bay
8"Three very different museums in Milwaukee"  3Aug 19, 2008alvi21  United States of America
9"milwaukee"  3Jul 5, 2008dambigir  Toronto
10"Milwaukee...some good and some bad"  1  4Feb 17, 2008mikehanneman  Waterloo
11"US Tri"Dec 23, 2007junjuri  World
12"Milwaukee Art Museum"  1Sep 9, 2007Tiitiainen  Budapest
13"Milwaukee Speedway......"May 18, 2007bellachaidina  Boston
14"Metal Mania 8"  1Apr 28, 2007Duanetru  Germany
15"Where's Laverne and Shirley?"  1Dec 29, 2006TazMocha  Ventura
16"A FUN DAY IN MILWAUKEE"  8  30Dec 17, 2006LoriPori  Windsor
17"Who would have thought?"  2  7Dec 16, 2006keida84  Oxnard
18"Under Construction"  1Nov 28, 2006GandalfOnTour  Richmond
19"Home Sweet least for the year..."  6  7Sep 21, 2006liusia  Fairbanks
20"Milwaukee, a great city by the lake"  9  52Jun 11, 2006Tom_In_Madison  Madison
21"BEER ANYONE"  3  13May 9, 2006moiraistyx  Rock Hill
22"The Brewers"  3Mar 19, 2006SullyBiz  Cambridge
23"DYNAMIC, INTERESTING AND THE RIVER"  1  8Jan 20, 2006jhorsfield30  Porthcawl
24"Beer City"  3Jan 4, 2006LibbyLikes2Party  Milwaukee
25"Milwaukee"  2Nov 9, 2005spanishguy  Sevilla
26"M i l w a u k e e"  1Oct 6, 2005Eric-Sabin  Traverse City
27"Milwaukee"  1  1Sep 23, 2005aklimpke  Niterói
28"Red Hot Chilie Peppers"Sep 10, 2005bigmoe66  Minneapolis
29"Brew Town"  1  2Aug 28, 2005Travel2write  Stoughton
30"Milwakee,WI"  1Jul 14, 2005Ninnu  Sweden
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