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1"charleston or williamsburg"  1Mar 16, 2014readergirl  Williamsburg
2"Westgate Williamsburg Va."Jul 23, 2011andydebbrennan  Lititz
3"williamsburg, virginia"  23  28Apr 24, 2011doug48  Orlando
4"Not fun for a teenager"Apr 12, 2011hnwbeachbum  Maryville
5"Historic town with a historic feel"  2  6Sep 15, 2010xymmot  Richmond
6"Williamsburg, Virginia"  1Apr 26, 2010noidiotsplease  Jacksonville
7"Revisiting Williamsburg"  7  22May 27, 2008leafmcgowan  Manitou Springs
8"The Colonial Williamsburg"Jan 24, 2008kawanua  Kansas
9"One of the earliest towns in colonial America"  4  14Jan 7, 2008lonestar_philomath  Alexandria
10"The town John D Rockefeller brought back to life"Dec 11, 2007etfromnc  Matthews
11"Williamsburg, VA"  2May 30, 2007Eriol  Houston
12"History Re-Created"  1  1May 27, 2007jne7299318  Philadelphia
13"Williamsburg: Living History"  32  101May 20, 2007Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
14"History Preserved..."  1May 7, 2007Shihar  North Carolina
15"Walk back into history"Apr 3, 2007Toughluck  Valparaiso
16"the town of Williamsburg, VA"  9  16Mar 20, 2007davecallahan  Greece
17"Stepping back in time"  10  16Mar 16, 2007toonsarah   Ealing
18"Williamsburg: One of my favorite places to be"  2Mar 2, 2007Cherry_Lips  Alloway
19"Williamsburg, VA"  1  6Feb 11, 2007bliss7  Hackensack
20"Step back in time at Colonial Williamsburg"  5  18Nov 30, 2006Herkbert  Williamsville
21"The Land of the Three Corner Hat"  1Oct 2, 2006bilbos0  Chesapeake
22"The Brits are coming!"Sep 25, 2006ygale  World
23"Olde World Charm with modern conviences"  1  4Jun 30, 2006nick723  Norfolk
24"Colonial Williamsburg"  3  10May 23, 2006butterflykizzez04  Nashville
25"Colonial Williamsburg, VA"  2Apr 21, 2006scaravaggio  Newport News
26"Rockefeller's Dream"  4  15Apr 6, 2006DEBBBEDB  United States of America
27"A Walk in the Past"  1Jan 26, 2006vikendall  Virginia Beach
28"Williamsburg, VA June 2005"  2  3Nov 29, 2005niteowltx  New Orleans
29"Colonial Williamsburg"  14  15Nov 23, 2005chewy3326  Virginia
30"Colonial Williamsburg"  2  4Nov 23, 2005JasmindaKA  Princeton
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