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1"Discover"  1Sep 29, 2013ClaudiaL13  Naples
2"Good Memories"  1Feb 12, 2012granolaandlace  Cincinnati
3"Va Beach"  7  22Apr 8, 2011Travler409  Michigan
4"That's OK we'll stay home..............."Jul 28, 2010OKbyme  World
5"A Summer day in Virginia Beach"  3Jul 16, 2009aphrodyte  Overland Park
6"Non alcoholic dance parties"Oct 18, 2008blong206b  World
7"Virginia is for Lovers!!!"  3Aug 20, 2008Marisola  Chicago
8"Virginia Beach - First time!"Apr 7, 2008prh1967  Denmark
9"Visit to the beach in winter"  2  2Jan 12, 2008toemayn  Cottage Hills
10"Sandbridge Beach,Va. - Review"Dec 19, 2007ironmikeinpa  World
11"Home for a time"Nov 28, 2007cjg1  New York City
12"World of Sand, Sun & Fun"  1  5Oct 3, 2007VadimMyasnikov  Tashkent
13"Holiday with the Real Americans"  2Sep 15, 2007boo5  London
14"Virginia Beach, VA"  1Sep 12, 2007MattandKim  New York City
15"Virginia Beach Oceanfront"  1Jun 14, 2007JungleJym  Virginia Beach
16"Virginia Beach, Va"  2May 5, 2007angelaf2013  Augusta
17"Virginia Beach"Apr 7, 2007SusanReid  Benton
19"Virginia Beach, Va"  6  9Mar 20, 2007davecallahan  Greece
20"Virginia Beach 2006"  1  11Feb 15, 2007madiia  Tipp City
21"Cool, refreshing fun in the Atlantic Ocean"  3  9Dec 2, 2006Herkbert  Williamsville
22"The Beautiful Virginia Beach"  1  1Aug 28, 2006KWTyler  Virginia Beach
23"Beachstreet USA"  1Aug 17, 2006PINOYSAILOR  Tampa
24"Virginia Beach"  5Aug 16, 2006coltoncity71  Vancouver
25"Home town"  3Jun 10, 2006Rick_Feineis  Virginia Beach
26"FUN IN THE SUN DURING A HEAT WAVE IN APRIL 1990"May 9, 2006moiraistyx  Rock Hill
27"Tourist Time or Is It?"  7  19May 8, 2006thecatsmeow  Washougal
28"If you're a beach lover, this is the place to be"  3Mar 17, 2006Tracey65  Summerville
29"Virginia Beach"  1Mar 2, 2006dlin10105  New York City
30"The New Virginia Beach"  5Jan 22, 2006vikendall  Virginia Beach
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