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1"Luray: Heart of the Shenandoah Valley"  3  12Nov 1, 2007Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
2"BEAUTIFUL SHENANDOAH VALLEY"  18Oct 7, 2006dtownkitty  Detroit
3"More than just the caverns"  20  28Sep 25, 2006gipper84   Mechanicsville
4"Never, never skip Luray while in Virginia!"  41  248Sep 15, 2006matcrazy1   Tychy
5"July 2005 in Luray"  6  7Jun 18, 2005windoweb   Edinboro
6"The Caverns and more"  3Apr 30, 2004etfromnc  Matthews
7"Luray Cavern"  7Sep 25, 2002jltan  Philadelphia
8"Underground wonderland"  1Aug 30, 2002dinhyen  Cambridge
9"Tchr's Luray Page"  1Jan 1, 1990Tchr  Clark
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11"Rasta_Rob's Luray Page"  2Jan 1, 1990Rasta_Rob  Colorado
12"Blue Ridge Delight"  2  3Jan 1, 1990msazadi  Annapolis