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1"Alexandria"  1  3May 2, 2012rmjiv  Scottsdale
2"Beautiful Old World Charm next to the Capital"  1  5Jun 22, 2011fardarrig76  Alexandria
3"Best Hidden Treasures - Shopping in Old Town"  5Feb 3, 2011alexandria_native  World
4"Alexandria, VA"  1Aug 17, 2010WaRPer  Bangkok
5"Alexandria, Virginia"Jun 14, 2010HumblyServingChrist  Jacksonville
6"Decent Place for a Week of School"  1  4Jun 1, 2010moiraistyx  Rock Hill
7"Visiting Telecard Network"  1May 21, 2010GibsonOrtega  New York City
8"Jumping in Alexandria"  9Apr 1, 2010Jumping  Phoenix
9"George Washington's Town"  22  148Jan 18, 2010msbrandysue  Cypress
10"250 Years and Counting..."  13  10Jan 20, 2009Lhenne1  Tampa
11"Alexandria, once part of Washington, now almost DC"  168  735Nov 18, 2008Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
12"Alexandria, where I live when I'm back in America."Aug 19, 2008DaveHoy  Lugansk
13"Alexandria, Virginia"  1  6Jun 29, 2008travelfrosch  Boston
14"Historical Alexandria"  30  135Jan 13, 2008cjg1  New York City
15"The best of the DC suburbs"  2Nov 10, 2007dek516  Alexandria
16"Where I live!"  14  47Sep 21, 2007lonestar_philomath  Alexandria
17"High Profile!"Sep 7, 2007doyourememberme  Long Beach
18"Old Town Charm just south of DC"  1  1May 13, 2007Canukatc  Cornwall
19"Back in the US of A"  1  4Mar 26, 2007goatroapr  Prague
20"The Cutest Town Ever"  2Aug 28, 2006April1985  Atlantic City
21"Colonial History Before Your Eyes"  6  10Jul 31, 2006TexasDave  Atlanta
22"worth a day trip from DC"  2Feb 13, 2006dircelo  Frankfurt am Main
23"A visit to Alexandria Old Town"  6  13Jan 11, 2006807Wheaton  Evans
24"Alexandria, Virginia"  7  14Sep 25, 2005Rich62  Kearney
25"Alexandria VA"  2  7Sep 1, 2005el_ruso  Coral Gables
26"My Own Nostalgia in Alexandria 27.5 Years later"  19  22Jul 16, 2005mydreamquest  San Francisco
27"Historic City Worth Leaving DC For"  4Feb 15, 2005modrocker  Washington D.C.
28"Alexandria, VA"  6Jan 22, 2005jmcleary  Annandale
29"Alexandria, VA"  3Nov 10, 2004tatyanap  Bainbridge
30"A Great Place to Live, A Great Place to Visit!"  1  1Oct 15, 2004CoronaRed  Alexandria
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