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1"Mustang Island Beach Club (MIBC)"  1  2Dec 29, 2011mmcmillin  Harker Heights
2"Camping on the Beach!"  2  1Oct 5, 2010butterfly_girl  Austin
3"Relaxing day at the Beach"  2Dec 24, 2007hoofhearted  San Antonio
4"Always a good time"  1Oct 29, 2006alirocks21  San Antonio
5"Great Family Trip"  1  1Jul 15, 2006bbkmomma  Dallas
6"Port Aransas, or "Port A""  1  5Jun 6, 2006L-A  Ottawa
7"Port Aransas, TX"Apr 18, 2006MinorSeventh  San Antonio
8"Port A ...Nice eh!"  6  4Mar 5, 2006Gairc  Lindsay
9"Come sail away with me"  2  5Mar 4, 2006lw9423  San Francisco
10"Family Trip to Port Aransas"  1  4Jun 4, 2005sebadoh311  Falls City
11"One of my favorite places"  13  16Aug 20, 2004kyoub  Fort Worth
12"Unexpected Weekend"  2  5Jun 8, 2004TeriyakiKitty  Reno
13"Port A - Your Escape from Worry"  1  3Dec 22, 2003bousquetj  Austin
14"Twice-Annual Port Aransas Trip"  6  3Nov 12, 2002texanboy14  Austin