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1"WORTH the Time"  1  3Mar 21, 2012shrimp56  Chicago
2"Trail Riding at Benbrook Stables"  1Jul 20, 2011JenniferLong  World
3"Growing up in Fort Worth"Nov 25, 2010GreeneAdventures  Fort Worth
4"Fort Worth"  9  33Apr 18, 2010Jim_Eliason   Grand Prairie
5"Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo"  1  3Feb 13, 2010BreadandBlossoms  World
6"Cold Fort Worth beer..."  10  52Feb 8, 2010Ewingjr98   Tachikawa
7"David and I went to Fort Worth Honeymoon"  1Mar 14, 2009butterflykizzez04  Nashville
8"Fort Worth"  1Oct 15, 2008cnango  San Clemente
9"Dallas-Fort Worth"  22  79Oct 4, 2008Maria250  Germany
10"VT Meeting Fort Worth TX, September 2008"  14  29Oct 4, 2008Dabs   Chicago
11"Cowgirls and Stuff"  1Sep 28, 2008annabear08  Allen
12"The Real Texas"  32  49Sep 27, 2008ATXtraveler  Allen
13"FORT WORTH TEXAS.."  1  8Jun 6, 2008DennyP  Parramatta
14"Nice city to visit"Apr 5, 2008cahaden  Fort Worth
15"We're not in California, that's for sure!"  1  15Feb 7, 2008GracesTrips  Los Angeles
16"Easy Cowtown Sights"  2Nov 12, 2007error7zero  Fort Worth
17"Longhorns"  4  11Aug 20, 2007DEBBBEDB  United States of America
18"Cowtown and More..."Jun 1, 2007wvincemccall  Fort Worth
19"Cowboys"  3Mar 13, 2007snowdoggie  Chapel Hill
20"Stock Yard Fort Worth."  1  3Dec 4, 2006viajeras2  Fredericksburg
21"Texas, a country all to itself!"  1Nov 16, 2006GreatGenetics  Oconomowoc Lake
22"Fort Worth, Texas"  30  97Oct 9, 2006lonestar_philomath  Alexandria
23"Far far west..."  1  5Oct 6, 2006msocolin  Buenos Aires
24"Fort Worth, Texas"  1  5Sep 17, 2006arsian_belle  Sanger
25"Fort Worth - not just "Cow Town". That and more!"  1  6Sep 5, 2006speer  Austin
26"Ft. Worth--Historic Stockyards, Art & Sundance Sq."  79  198Aug 19, 2006VeronicaG  Texas
27"Friends in historic Fort Worth, Texas"  1Jun 12, 2006deecat  Chicago
28"Fort Worth"  2  2May 10, 2006Astrobuck  Texas
29"ft worth dallas tx"  1  2Apr 8, 2006misketeer  Istanbul
30"ITS 3 A.M. IN FORT WORTH........."  5  14Mar 4, 2006Rich62  Kearney
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