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1"Paying my respects to President Kennedy"  1  4Jun 14, 2014jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
2"Dallas' best feature: DFW airport"  2May 8, 2014Lukeoline  Texas
3"My Third home"  3Sep 13, 2013WBeall  Galveston
4"Dallas"  9  46Apr 8, 2013blueskyjohn   New Jersey
5"Grimaldi's cheesecake"  3Feb 22, 2013jtiller  World
6"Big City Easy To Visit"  3Dec 2, 2012RoscoeGregg  Fort Scott
7"Plano Texas"  1Sep 24, 2012Bennie1958  Malelane
8"Dallas"Aug 13, 2012vinceckw  Kuala Lumpur
9"Best late night Brats!!!"Oct 13, 2011JJPRNews  World
10"Dallas"  3Oct 2, 2011Spearfish  Glasgow
11"Dallas, Texas"  2May 1, 2011meteorologist1  Chicago
12"Big D"  7  16Mar 14, 2011LBKesner  Dallas
13"Visiting Dallas"  1Dec 7, 2010SunnyIsle  Grenada
14"Best Steak in Dallas, TX"Aug 6, 2010RKMichael  World
15"X Marks the Spot"  3  12May 31, 2010garridogal  Boston
16"Dallas"  20  86Apr 18, 2010Jim_Eliason  Arlington
17"Dallas, Texas- Orthodontic Convention"Apr 17, 2010DocDeane  Pawleys Island
18"Dallas Life"  3Oct 14, 2009jackiepants  Austin
19"at the airport..."  3  13Oct 5, 2009Rich62  Kearney
20"The DFW Metroplex - A Place Of Contrasts"  5Jun 12, 2009EdwinWatson  Dallas
21"Key to the Metroplex"  8Feb 17, 2009Murphman12  Dallas
22"Visit Dallas"  1Feb 10, 2009jag17  San Jose
23"Greetings from DALLAS"  1  6Dec 22, 2008TravellerMel  Franklin
24"Dallas, Texas"  1Nov 24, 2008sedeshazer  Alabama
25"A connecting point for me"  6  14Oct 4, 2008Gypsystravels  United States of America
26"Proud City, Proud State"  3Aug 8, 2008Marisola  Chicago
27"Southern Flare"  2Aug 6, 2008jbrown2757  Los Angeles
28"Dallas, our new Home Town"  13  3Jul 23, 2008morochaargentina  Dallas
29"The Big 'D' with its famous and infamous stories"  3Jul 5, 2008Robert_Hun  Budapest
30"Welome to Dallas, Texas"  1Jul 4, 2008vlfuqua  Dallas
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