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1"Home of the blues, birthplace of rock'n'roll"  28  88Aug 16, 2015Jefie  Quebec
2"Memphis Visit"Dec 4, 2013Dilbretta  Pompton Lakes
3"Memphis - the city with everything...."  1Sep 5, 2013cafank  Tweed Heads
4"Memphis"  3Aug 10, 2013Terence101  Penzance
5"Memphis Tennessee"  1  5May 10, 2013Ekahau  New York State
6"Home of Blues Rock and Roll and Soul"  16  18Sep 10, 2012iam1wthee  New York City
7"memphis tennessee"  12  27Jun 1, 2012doug48  Orlando
8"Memphis"  3Oct 2, 2011Spearfish  Glasgow
9"Birthplace of Blues and Rock n Roll"  3  12Jul 25, 2011atufft  Stockton
10"Memphis"  4  24Apr 26, 2011Kaspian  North Bay
11"Memphis, TN..Fun on Beale Street"  46  181Feb 6, 2011butterflykizzez04  Nashville
12"Memphis, TN, US."  16  78Dec 15, 2010Danalia  Tel Aviv District
13"Memphis, Tenn"  3Nov 20, 2010BruceCannon  Dallas
14"Value Place on Lamar and Getwell"Oct 9, 2010memphis10  Memphis
15"Blues and Soul Capital"  15  49Sep 14, 2010Toughluck  Valparaiso
16"Ah... thankyouverymuch!"  3  10May 31, 2010garridogal  Boston
17"Headin' Down the Mighty Mississippi"  3  8Nov 22, 2009riorich55  Naperville
18"Down Home Memphis Hospitality & Pride"  12  26May 6, 2009richiecdisc  Munich
19"Home of Elvis and Rock 'n Roll"  1  1Apr 15, 2009RickinDutch  Kodiak
20"Beale Street Party"  1Jan 11, 2009BigBlueOne  O'Fallon
21"Sunny Skies and Memphis Blues"  5  65Jun 22, 2008aphrodyte  Overland Park
22"Memphis"  1May 19, 2008zubov  Mons
23"Memphis TN"  4  6Apr 9, 2008boltonian  United Kingdom
24"Home to more than Bar-B-Q"  1Mar 27, 2008chandleycrawford  Memphis
25"Memphis"  3Mar 19, 2008afowles  Memphis
26"Memphis"Mar 11, 2008emmweb  Casper
27"Marvelous Memphis"  2  6Mar 4, 2008Maria250  Germany
28"Memphis, TN"Feb 26, 2008Laynanyc  Arkansas
29"Walking Through Memphis.. In My Blue Suede Shoes.."  15  44Jan 8, 2008TravellerMel  Franklin
30"Memphis"  3Dec 9, 2007Mermaid601  Ljubljana
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