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1"Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota"  3  9Sep 1, 2013meteorologist1  Chicago
2"Mount Rushmore National Memorial"  2  7Jul 29, 2012Christophe01  Oyonnax
3"(Much) larger than life"  1Aug 3, 2011etfromnc  Matthews
4"Unfinished Icon of the Founding Fathers"  11  38Jul 22, 2011atufft   Stockton
5"Jumping in Mount Rushmore!"  1Aug 1, 2010Jumping  Phoenix
6"Black Hills"  1  5Jul 20, 2010Dymphna1  Park City
7"Mount Rushmore"  1Jul 11, 2010jason707  El Paso
8"Mt Rushmore"Jul 6, 2010kawanua  Kansas
9"Mount Rushmore, SD"  3Mar 20, 2010Ericasmurf99  Eagle River
10"The Perfect Place for a Week of Daytrips!"  1Jan 7, 2010807Wheaton  Augusta
11"They Paved Paradise & Put up a Parking Lot"  4  5Dec 26, 2009richiecdisc  Munich
12"Learing"  1Jul 22, 2009lucyguajardo  Terlingua
13"Basaic Mount Rushmore Page"  3Jul 17, 2009Basaic  Sierra Vista
14"Truly a spectacular Memorial"  24  66Sep 19, 2008Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
15"Look up the President's Nostrils"  5  28Sep 11, 2008DEBBBEDB  United States of America
16"Mount Rushmore"  1  6Mar 4, 2008scaleguy  Fairmont
17"Imagine All the Presidents Honored! :-O"  2Jan 13, 2008XtravelloverX  Illinois
18"Mount Rushmore"  1Dec 16, 2007Spearfish  Glasgow
19"Mount Rushmore"  1Oct 1, 2007cpiers47  Trieste
20"Mount Rushmore SD"  1Jul 19, 2007christerw  Beek
21"Mount Rushmore National Memorial"  3Jun 24, 2007basstbn  Overland Park
22"Visit to Mt. Rushmore"May 27, 2007Mugsy13  Winston-Salem
23"Mt Rushmore"  3  4Mar 28, 2007Toughluck  Valparaiso
24"Mount Rushmore National monument"  1  5Mar 25, 2007u4me2byte  Lancaster
25"Mt Rushmore and the Badlands"  3  13Mar 14, 2007StephanB  Ubud
26"rushmore"  2Mar 9, 2007CptCrunch767  Green Bay
27"Heroic Images"  1  6Jan 19, 2007grandmaR  Leonardtown
28"Faces in the rock"  9  12Nov 26, 2006toonsarah  Ealing
29"Heads on a Hill"  1Oct 22, 2006kazander  New Jersey
30"The Right Place if you're into Big Dead Presidents"  1  4Oct 10, 2006yooperprof  Marquette
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