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1"Pittsburgh Pop"  1Nov 23, 2013YksiOrbi  Tumon
2"Pittsbugh to Cincinnati by houseboat"  1Jul 15, 2013rw-bigfoot  Kentucky
3"Dog Walking Pittsburgh"  5  28Jun 3, 2013atufft  Stockton
4"City on the Rivers"  5  14Jul 9, 2011Toughluck  Valparaiso
5"A Patriotic Weekend in Pittsburgh"  7  25Jul 6, 2011riorich55  Naperville
6"MY EXPERIENCE HERE"Jun 23, 2011ms.Bush  Detroit
7"Pittsburgh, PA"  1Mar 11, 2011Easty  Hackettstown
8"The Steel City"  1  3Sep 20, 2010E_R_I_C  Pittsburgh
9"Pittsburgh - the largest city of the Appalachia"  11  42Aug 22, 2010Faiza-Ifrah  Mississauga
10"Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania"  2Jun 6, 2010Hikerpark  Baltimore
11"Pittsburgh"  4  15Feb 5, 2010solopes  Turquel
12"The Pittsburgh Choice"  5  6Jan 1, 2010richiecdisc  Munich
13"Pittsburgh - A Big Surprise"  5  13Nov 8, 2009littlesam1  Baltimore
14"I love this place - I love my people here!"  4  17Sep 23, 2009icunme  Rome
15"A Pittsburgh Weekend"  3May 21, 2009LadyRVG  New York State
16"Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania"  2Mar 19, 2009meteorologist1  Chicago
17"PITTSBURGH - METAMORPHISIS FROM SMOKE TO GREEN"  15  49Sep 10, 2008mtncorg  Portland
18"Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania"  20  58Jun 14, 2008starship  United States of America
19"What Can I Say? Awesome!!!!!"  6  23May 25, 2008jjunt0522  Dayton
20"Pittsburgh"May 22, 2008ellenrees68  Beloit
21"(Page Under Construction)"  1  2May 19, 2008taylo365  Chicago
22"Home of the Stanley Cup and The Pittsburgh Penguin"  4  5Jan 14, 2008MoNewcamp  Pittsburgh
23"Da Burgh!"  1Nov 20, 2007NotBert  Ruckersville
24"The City of Three Rivers"  28  135Aug 2, 2007Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
25"Pittsburgh, PA"  46  40Jul 25, 2007jls274  Pittsburgh
26"dear pittsburgh. i kinda hate you."Jul 19, 2007stephaniejune27  Cambridge
27"Pittsburgh - City of peaceful flavors"  3Jul 16, 2007SST  Pittsburgh
28"Pittsburgh: The Place I Call my Home"  11  30Jul 15, 2007iamjacksgoat  Pittsburgh
29"Pittsburgh! An unrated city! Beatiful & Clean!"  3Jul 12, 2007MrFairfaxVa  World
30"The 1st Visited Overseas City"Apr 3, 2007yanuar_2000  Jakarta
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