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1"Lancaster, Pennsylvania"  1May 27, 2013sedeshazer  Alabama
2"Covered Bridges & The Amish"  3Mar 8, 2012Donna_in_India  New Jersey
3"Lancaster, Pennsylvania"  3Oct 7, 2011Rich62  Kearney
4"Lancaster County's Best Kept Secrets Tour"  1Aug 20, 2010kaitybrooken  World
5"Lancaster & Amish Country, Pennsylvania"  2Apr 20, 2010noidiotsplease  Jacksonville
6"The Heart of Pennsylvania's Amish Country"Dec 9, 2009etfromnc  Matthews
7"Amish Country in Pennsylvania"  1May 1, 2009sherrillbland  Spartanburg
8"Lancaster, Pa."Oct 29, 2008shoe3596  Mansfield
9"LANCASTER - CONTRASTING POLITICANS"  5  21Sep 10, 2008mtncorg  Portland
10"The Amish Country"  3Aug 17, 2008EmilianoCV  Ras Al Khaimah
11"Where the old meets the new.."  1  4Jul 22, 2008deadites  Fredericton
12"One day with the Amish people"  3Jul 19, 2008jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
13"Land Of The Amish"  12  36Jul 14, 2008Mikebb  Perth
14"Hometown"  1  7May 27, 2008thegirlfrompa  Okinawa
15"Amish Country"  1Apr 26, 2008bradbeaman  Venice
16"My home in Lancaster"  2Jul 18, 2007cherylrf  Lancaster
17"Lancaster, PA... Wouldn't stay the same....."  5  9Feb 9, 2007davecallahan  Greece
18"Sweetberry's Lancaster Page"  2Jan 22, 2007Sweetberry1  Hervey Bay
19"Amish Folks Side by Side with Retail Outlets"  2Dec 3, 2006Rhondaj  Pennsville
20"A nasty surprise in Lancaster, PA"  1Sep 12, 2006alanfranklin  World
21"Lancaster is Our Favorite Pennsylvania Retreat!"  9  9Sep 11, 2006ringleader  Philadelphia
22"Lancaster Country - country of the Amish"  5  2Sep 8, 2006angiebabe   London
23"Lived in Lancaster once't now."  2  1May 18, 2006KalamazooJohn  Sedro-Woolley
24"Back to Lancaster County after 15 years"  1  7Apr 20, 2006dgr1972  Gerpinnes
25"LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA--The Amish Countryside!"  2  6Oct 25, 2005VeronicaG  Texas
26"Amish"  1Jul 27, 2005jongsik  South Korea
27"LANCASTER COUNTY"  23  50Jul 25, 2005Pawtuxet  Rhode Island
28"Lancaster Pennsylvania with Kids"  1Mar 12, 2005todd813  Franklin
29"Ramblings of a Lancaster Native"  19Feb 28, 2005mmyerspa  Lancaster
30"Lancaster, Pennsylvania The Amish Country"  10  13Jan 21, 2005keida84  Oxnard
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