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1"Ha-See-Ta Head"  4  10May 14, 2012dustmon  Marietta
2"Yachats (pronounced Ya-harts)"  1  5Apr 17, 2008gezbelle   Melbourne
3"Beautiful Oceanside"  3  3Sep 3, 2007KaisaL  Rockford
4"Yachats"  1Nov 9, 2006Matyas  Fredericton
5"YAW-hots"  1  3Jun 3, 2006yursparky  Kennewick
6"Five-star romantic"  1Aug 26, 2005tahoesasha  Port Angeles
7"Gem of the Oregon Coast"  3Jul 9, 2005nativelocal  Yachats
8"YACHATS - ARTISANAL FULCRUM ON THE CENTRAL COAST"  7  12Oct 27, 2004mtncorg  Portland
9"The first day of my cross country adventure."  1  2Oct 23, 2004islandtaryn  Sydney
10"Yachats"  1  2Dec 7, 2003sunnywong  Burnaby
11"Snow on the Coast"  1Aug 25, 2003angeliam  Littleton
12"The Gem of the Oregon Coast"  8  6Sep 4, 2002goingsolo  Fort Lauderdale
13"Yachats (Ya Hots) Stuff"  1  2Jan 1, 1990Octourist  Las Vegas