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1"Post-Christmas Shopping In Portland"Jan 1, 2014teemsum  Vancouver
2"Portland is one great Pacific Northwest Secret"  1Oct 27, 2013mydreamquest  Alameda
3"Adventures in Portland"  3Jun 18, 2013CalyssaJean  Woodland Hills
4"Portland, OR"  5  8Nov 22, 2012Agraichen  Chula Vista
5"A Long Weekend Road Trip"  5  9Nov 15, 2012kehale  Mission
6"Proud of being different"  1Nov 2, 2012850prc  Florida
7"Beautiful Portland"  1Oct 20, 2011Fondest_Memories  Los Angeles
8"My Portland History"  1  7Oct 11, 2011WhiteMughal  Minneapolis
9"The "Rose" City"  1Sep 10, 2011WaRPer  Bangkok
10"Day 9-10 Biking River Trail"  2Jul 27, 2011MyHollyDay  San Francisco
11"Keeping Portland Weird!"  5  6Jan 17, 2011staindesign  Indianapolis
12"The Pearl of the Pacific Northwest"  41  90Dec 4, 2010Jefie  Quebec
13"Into every life a little Portland must fall!"  18Nov 21, 2010steedappeal  Greenwich
14"Just down the Gorge from Portland, we found a gem"  3Nov 18, 2010mountainlifeforme  World
15"Portland - Multifaceted, Historic River City"  32  148Oct 3, 2010WulfstanTraveller  Santa Rosa
16"Who says it rains all the time?"  9  29Oct 1, 2010Herkbert  Williamsville
17"Jumping in Portland!"  1Aug 2, 2010Jumping  Phoenix
18"On and Off the Road In Portland"  25  40Jul 9, 2010Roadquill  Calabasas
19"Portland- the home of Port"  1  2Apr 19, 2010Poznick  Los Angeles
20"Portland, Oregon"  4  6Mar 24, 2010meteorologist1  Chicago
21"I love Portland!"  1Nov 10, 2009tfairlane500  Portland
22"We Gotta Get Out of This Place: Portland"  22  32Oct 25, 2009richiecdisc  Munich
23"Always remembered with fondness"Oct 4, 2009girakittie  New Orleans
24"Keep Portland Wierd!"  1  5Sep 8, 2009ricknkat  Las Vegas
25"Northwest Cool"  13  37Apr 25, 2009Rixie  California
26"Temp Living"  1Feb 15, 2009morgandk  Portland
27"Portland Oregon Famous Ales!"  1  3Feb 12, 2009vivithebeijinger  Beijing
28"Portland"  1Jan 1, 2009kawanua  Kansas
29"Portland"  3Dec 27, 2008ARuss  Durham
30"The beautiful sales tax's free state of Oregon"  2  97Dec 1, 2008joiwatani  Seattle
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