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1"Walk or run like a Duck- bring your Nikes!"  20Nov 21, 2010steedappeal  Greenwich
2"Eugene"  3  5Feb 16, 2010leafmcgowan  Manitou Springs
3"Almost everything you could want ...."  2  1May 10, 2008otr2008  Eugene
4"stop-by visiting lin's family"Mar 19, 2008vanwluo  Beijing Shi
5"Eugene, wear comfortable shoes!"  1  5Sep 7, 2007sennaya  Saint Petersburg
6"Eugene, kicking the rain"  14  44Jul 18, 2007Maria250  Germany
7"Eugene - I found it!"  5  21Jul 12, 2007Ewingjr98  Tachikawa
8"Home of the Oregon Ducks! >>who cares<<"  1Sep 6, 2006SissyVEGAS  Eugene
9"A Young Boy's Paradise"  2  5Apr 18, 2005mcpangie  Reno
10"Blue Jean Eugene, My Home"  6Jan 1, 2005forbesra  Austin
11"Eugene, Oregon"  1  1Dec 3, 2004Marleneann  Eugene
12"Eugene, Or"  1  1Sep 14, 2004ChuckG  Lost Island
13"EUGENE, OREGON USA"  34  31Jul 16, 2004birchy99  Eugene
14"Eugene, Oregon"Jul 15, 2004sendustoeurope  Eugene
15"Eugene"  2Apr 2, 2004einstein47  Redding
16"Home, Sweet Home in the Pacific Northwest"  12  12Dec 22, 2003lareina  Eugene
17"Eugene, OR"  1  3Nov 24, 2003Summer33  Los Angeles
18"Eugene, OR"  9  21Nov 1, 2003shellybelly567  Kingston
19"Eugene, Oregon"Oct 24, 2003MeerstroomMike  Utrecht
20"A Brief History of Eugene"  1  3Sep 6, 2003Mangunsong  Jakarta
21"Eugene - a place to take it easy"  14  17Aug 29, 2003isolina_it  Europe
22"Eugene is a Happy HippyLand!"Mar 20, 2003luciddreams  Eugene
23"Eco-Friendly Eugene"  2  13Jan 5, 2003yooperprof  Marquette
24"Eugene, Oregon"  3  5Nov 12, 2002Faustinah  Salida
25"Track town USA"  17  18Sep 19, 2002caffeine_induced78  Eugene
26"Oregon my alma mater"  17  19Aug 29, 2002bhorton  Portland
27"My experience in Eugene"  2  2Jul 22, 2002stevegus  Poncha Springs
28"dave_78's new Eugene Page"  2  2Jul 1, 2002dave_78  Eugene
29"lumberjack83's new Eugene Page"  1  2Apr 2, 2002lumberjack83  Portland
30"A funky lil place called Eugene"  5Jan 22, 2002tinakitty813  Eugene
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