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8"Basaic Crater Lake National Park Page"  22  72Sep 28, 2009Basaic  Sierra Vista
9"The purest body of water in the world!"  17  32Apr 7, 2009JLBG  Grenoble
10"The Blueest Lake You Will Ever See"  1Feb 7, 2009travelchica7  Kirkland
11"Crater Lake - Oregon's Sapphire"  1Sep 27, 2008alvi21  United States of America
12"Crater Lake - June 2007"  3Jan 19, 2008shaman97  Sacramento
13"Crater Lake"  3Jan 15, 2008mossyfeet  Northampton
14"Crater Lake National Park"  1  3Nov 3, 2007aquatic  Vancouver
15"Crater Lake"  1Sep 21, 2007lenoreva  Frankfurt am Main
16"Crater Lake"  7  28Jul 12, 2007Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
17"Crater Lake"  2Jun 2, 2007amberkoh  Singapore
18"Deep Blue"  6  7Oct 8, 2006PinkFloydActuary  Gurnee
19"Crater Lake"  1  3Sep 26, 2006johncudw  Mahwah
20"Crater Lake - Scenic Beauty?"  3Sep 24, 2006jakesanderson  Santa Rosa
21"Crater Lake National Park"  18  54Jul 28, 2006GuthrieColin  Carnation
22"Trip to Crater Lake with Kids"  3Jun 6, 2006bpurcell  Fairfield
23"Jewel in the Cascades"  6  18Jun 5, 2006Hopkid  Richmond
24"Amazingly Blue"  1Feb 18, 2006siver  Seattle
25"It came from above"  1Feb 17, 2006DSwede   Corpus Christi
26"Crater Lake. Oregon's only national park"  1  5Jan 21, 2006hindu1936  Yongin
27"Crater Lake Nationalpark"  6  18Nov 14, 2005carmenlilly  Sankt Marien
28"Crater Lake"  2  2Nov 11, 2005Sduarte  Simi Valley
29"The Bluest, Cleanest Coldest Lake You'll Ever Know"  3  6Oct 11, 2005AKtravelers  Honolulu
30"A lake so clear you can see to the bottom!"  1Jul 28, 2005deWilde  Park City
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