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1"Astoria, Oregon"  2Jan 25, 2011sedeshazer  Alabama
2"Astoria, Oregon"  3Oct 13, 2010dee_1NiteAngel  East Portland
3"Astoria - Road Trip Day 2"  1  3May 31, 2010kop-queen  Coton
4"The town that put the US on the Pacific coast"  4  15Jan 12, 2010Segolily  Salt Lake City
5"The end of Lewis and Clark expedition"  1  4Oct 23, 2008jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
6"See the urban sea lions!"  2  11Aug 30, 2008joiwatani  Seattle
7"Historical Astoria"  5  24Aug 12, 2008Donna_in_India  New Jersey
8"ASTORIA - FIRST IN OREGON"  9  22Jul 23, 2008mtncorg  Portland
9"Now a Major Tourist Town"  11  35May 30, 2008glabah  Lents
10"Mouth of the Columbia River"  7  21Apr 2, 2007Toughluck  Valparaiso
11"Astoria"  1Nov 9, 2006Matyas  Fredericton
12"hiway99w's Astoria page"  1Feb 12, 2006hiway99w  Newberg
13"Astoria Roadtrip"  1Jan 18, 2006jimmyray  Singapore
14"Astoria, OR"  1Aug 23, 2005Pinguino  Portland
15"Oldest American Settlement West of the Rockies"  9  20Jun 11, 2005thecatsmeow  Washougal
16"Too Bad It's Tiny"May 15, 2005kyrzar  Huntsville
17"Nice city"Mar 5, 2005ChuckG  Lost Island
18"Astoria one of the most densely populated area"  2Nov 2, 2004Kaylin  Los Angeles
19"Ahstoria - More than Just a Pretty Face"  3  4Aug 3, 2004cruisingbug  New York State
20"Astoria"  3Jul 24, 2004histrionia62  Susanville
21"Astoria,Oregon My Home."  1Jun 30, 2004Johnr1937  Astoria
22"Astoria"  4  5Dec 7, 2003sunnywong  Burnaby
23"Astoria"  3Oct 3, 2003JudyinPA  Pennsylvania
24"Seagulls on Canon Beach"  1  2Sep 29, 2003Mauzl  Rostrevor
25"Oregon Coast - Museums, Fort's, Hiking and Ocean"  4  4Aug 14, 2003Nankani  Portland
26"AStoria, little San Fransisco"Apr 4, 2003astier  Klamath Falls
27"Astoria"  2  4Aug 29, 2002dinhyen  Cambridge
28"oneonta_ni's new Astoria Page"  2Oct 29, 2001oneonta_ni  Belfast
29"Rude_boy22's new Astoria Page"  13  18Jul 30, 2001Rude_boy22  Portland
30"10eke's new Astoria Page"  7  23Jul 14, 200110eke  Hasselt
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