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1"Oil Boom Town"  2  2Jan 2, 2013detroitdb  Los Angeles
2"Hog Hollow OK"  1Dec 22, 20085cottie  Buckinghamshire
3"Relaxed, Cosmopolitan City"  3Apr 6, 2008cestovatela  Tulsa
5"The TREES!!"May 21, 2006TonyCville  Decatur
6"Welcome to Middle America"  1  8Feb 16, 2006DSwede  Whangarei
7"T u l s a"  1Oct 26, 2005Eric-Sabin  Traverse City
8"Born There but a Visitor Now"  13  77Oct 7, 2005AlbuqRay  Albuquerque
9"Tulsa"  2  2Dec 15, 2004angelayjose  Tulsa
10"Just a nice place to live"  3  4Nov 20, 2004GeoloJoe  Tulsa
11"Judi's Hometown"  4  5Oct 16, 2004JudiandBill  Tulsa
12"Tulsa, Oklahoma"  2Jul 15, 2004John_P_LSU  Houston
13"Tulsa - A Treasure Worth Discovering"  56  175Jun 9, 2004BixB  Tulsa
14"Tulsa -- a sophisticated oil town."Apr 29, 2004ElAbuelo  Jacksonville
15"Cheerleader"Apr 23, 2004ronsterh  Tulsa
16"Livin' on Tulsa Time"  8  7Feb 18, 2004caminoreal  Tulsa
17"Welcome to Tulsa - Now Please go Home"  1Jan 19, 2004jdboston  Tulsa
18"...Bagged a deer at the weekend !!!...."  8Dec 24, 2003neilward  Bridgend
19"Tulsa, Oklahoma"  1  2Nov 17, 2003Paulie_D  Upminster
20"Livin' On Tulsa Time"  25  26Sep 13, 2003mrclay2000  Oklahoma City
21"Oral Roberts University is in Tulsa!!"  2Mar 3, 2003Whynottry  Tulsa
22"Why did I go here, again?"Sep 11, 2002TxDevil  Arlington
23"Mark's Tulsa Page"  2Aug 21, 2002zmel01  Houston
24"Polly25's Tulsa Page"  2Jul 17, 2002Polly25  Ohio
25"jdsgirl's new Tulsa Page"Apr 20, 2002jdsgirl  Edmond
26"Scargo's Tulsa, Oklahoma Page"  2Mar 31, 2002scargo  Connecticut
27"wanderingjew's new Tulsa Page"  1Mar 4, 2002wanderingjew  Tulsa
28"Okie_inTulsa's new Tulsa Page"  1Jan 24, 2002Okie_inTulsa  Tulsa
29"Charlespage's Tulsa Page"Jan 21, 2002Charlespage  Tulsa
30"GlobalZealot's new Tulsa Page"  1Apr 25, 2001GlobalZealot  Tulsa
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