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1"another fun thing in columbus -the zoo"  1  7Nov 18, 2014chattygirl7491  Ohio
2"Columbus"  1  2Dec 30, 2012Aunt_Bertha  Europe
3"Columbus, Ohio, One Hour after a Game."  2  13Oct 3, 2011Rich62  Kearney
4"An above-average Midwestern City"  33Jul 24, 2011steedappeal  Greenwich
5"Columbus-OHIO"  2  13Jun 14, 2011eugini2001  Willow Grove
6"Weekend in Columbus, Ohio: with charm and beer"  6  18Jul 21, 2010gkitzmil  Bloomington
7"My Stay in columbus"  26  118Jun 23, 2009abi_maha  Bangalore
8"Visiting Friends in Columbus"  11  22Mar 26, 2009cjg1  New York City
9"A Walk Along High Street in the Ohio State Capitol"  41  150Sep 28, 2008atufft  Stockton
10"The Heart of Ohio"  11  42Jul 23, 2008Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
11"All You Need To Say Is OSU!!!!"  2  5May 25, 2008jjunt0522  Dayton
12"Buckeyes"  2Jan 5, 2008Sage49  Chicago
13"Columbus"Jan 1, 2008chrisfrostic  Benzonia
14"Columbus, Ohio"Dec 31, 2007schiska  Kyoto
15"Columbus, OH"Aug 21, 2007Agraichen  Chula Vista
16"Cbus the one and only"  32  10Jun 12, 2007AnitaCarrie  Columbus
17"Capital City and home of The Ohio State University"Apr 9, 2007hmsmeetoo  Trondheim
18"Home Sweet Home"  13  17Aug 29, 2006jennwerner  Sunbury
19"Columbus, Ohio"  9  3Jul 13, 2006tee0206  Austin
20"Road trip to Columbus"  2  11Jun 26, 2006Travmad  Pennsylvania
21"Columbus: Much more than you think"  27  90Jun 18, 2006tvdandy  Panama City Beach
22"Columbus, Ohio, More Than Just a Zoo"  18  44May 16, 2006deecat  Chicago
23"Columbus, Ohio"  3  3May 10, 2006kylene2005  Feltwell
24"Home of the Buckeyes"  4  1Apr 16, 2006TRimer  Geneva
25"New to the City? Need a tour guide for the day?"  2Feb 4, 2006wheretonow  Columbus
26"Co l u m b u s"  3Oct 26, 2005Eric-Sabin  Traverse City
27"Columbus, Ohio"  2Sep 7, 2005cavia  United States of America
28"Columbus Ohio-More than just a small town;)"  22  34Aug 20, 2005lashr1999  New York City
29"Home of Cornfields and Apple Orchards...oh and ME!"  2Jul 14, 2005Chrissey  Columbus
30"Road Trip through Columbus"  2Jun 25, 2005buggs_moran  Barre
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