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1"Basaic Rochester Page"  3Aug 19, 2011Basaic  Sierra Vista
2"Rochester"  2Jun 11, 2009ROCJim  Rochester
3"Rochester - Home of Bausch & Lomb"  1  11Mar 18, 2009WaRPer  Bangkok
4"Snowy Rochester"  5  5Oct 14, 2008clouds111  London
5"First years of my life..."Jul 27, 2007mardaska  Athens
6"Rochester, NY here I come (here I came?!)"  6Feb 5, 2007Beth75NJ  Rochester
7"Rochester, NY... Used to be....."  106  240Jan 30, 2007davecallahan  Greece
8"Rochester"  1Oct 31, 2006Fewf  Swampscott
9"Best Town to Live in America"  3Jun 9, 2006dsdarling  Rochester
10"2 nights in Rochester on Business"  3Mar 2, 2006Mark_12  Menlo Park
11"Rochester"  2Sep 9, 2005ashishashar  Toronto
12"My Hometown - Rochester, NY USA"  2  5Sep 5, 2005KennyB  Bradenton
13"My Hometown"  1Aug 23, 2005NoyDarNy  Rochester
14"A Week in Rochester, New York"  8  34Jul 30, 2005AlbuqRay  Albuquerque
15"Born and Raised in Upstate New York"Jul 19, 2005Almo1962  Rochester
16"ROCHESTER , NEW YORK"  2  1Aug 22, 2004RACCOON1  Toronto
17"Studying in Rochester"  1Feb 15, 2004avanutria  Eugene
18"A River Runs Through it"  25  67Nov 9, 2003rdywenur  Rochester
19"Rochester- Little City, Big Heart"  12Aug 3, 2003KrissyCat7  Tampa
20"Ready to Return to Rochester"Feb 11, 2003Jodi_22  Villa Rica
21"Rochester NY"Oct 8, 2002csplace  Oxfordshire
22"One Bad Winter!"  1  15May 13, 2002NYMansour  North America
23"bteg's new Rochester Page"  1Feb 26, 2002bteg  New Orleans
24"Rochester"  3  3Dec 2, 2001Maples01  Jacksonville
25"Toade's new Rochester Page"  9Nov 3, 2001Toade  Los Angeles
26"Elizabeth75's new Rochester Page"  2Jul 16, 2001Elizabeth75  Los Angeles
27"KOGU's new Rochester Page"  1Jul 6, 2001KOGU  Tokyo
28"MickeyMoto's new Rochester Page"  7  1Dec 7, 2000MickeyMoto  Albany
29"jhartman's new Rochester Page"  1Dec 5, 2000jhartman  Rochester
30"Rochester: Home Sweet Home"  43  29Nov 9, 2000nuker  Rochester
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