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1"Shopping & A Snack"  2  5Dec 24, 2008cjg1  New York City
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3"The end of New York... as some would like to think"Apr 12, 2007Mr.Sparkle  Kanazawa
4"Poughkeepsie is both a City and a Town - really"  6  33Sep 24, 2006Ekahau  New York State
5"HOW THE HECK DO YOU SPELL IT"  16  27May 2, 2006moiraistyx  Rock Hill
6"Poughkeepsie"  1Feb 11, 2005Etoile2B  Venice
7"POUGHKEEPSIE"  4  4Aug 22, 2004RACCOON1  Toronto
8"The Hudson Valley, NY"  2Dec 15, 2002laughingcoyote  San Francisco
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10"JCLOTREL's new Poughkeepsie Page"Oct 18, 2000JCLOTREL  Poughkeepsie