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1"New York in March 2014"  1  6Mar 29, 2014Turska  Ylöjärvi
2"New York"  1Mar 21, 2014KoalaB  Adelaide
3"New York"Jan 26, 2014leighstevens  Breda
4"New York City"  3  9Jan 24, 2014mayt  Toronto
5"There's nothing like it!"  3Jan 18, 2014Mir-  Netherlands
6"Christmas is Magical in New York City"  3  8Jan 13, 2014Gatorsnakebirdbugluv  Cape Coral
7"A small piece of England in New york"  1  8Jan 2, 2014gwendar  Blackburn
8"New York Locksmith"  1Nov 27, 2013jacob212  World
9"New York Locksmith"  1Nov 25, 2013benlock212  World
10"kkk"Aug 28, 2013elpariente  Santander
11"New York City"  1  6Aug 26, 2013jgacis  Alhambra
12"... an East Coast city that you all know well"  7  25Aug 18, 2013Orchid  Melbourne
13"My time in NY"  3Jul 30, 2013ntibbe  Sarasota
14"Big Apple"Jul 28, 2013Jasen71  Jersey
15"New York City"  1  2Jul 18, 2013mccalpin  Richardson
16"NYC"Jun 7, 2013supply82  Sweden
17"New York City, NY"  3May 27, 2013sedeshazer  Alabama
18"Fabulous New York!!"  12  22May 22, 2013albaaust  Perth
19"Busy city....modern...yet beautiful"  1May 11, 2013DjarotNoers  Manado
20"NEW YORK - THE CITY THAT DOESN'T SLEEP"  17  125May 10, 2013LoriPori  Windsor
21"The New York City Experience"  35  102May 6, 2013antistar   Frankfurt am Main
22"The BIG Apple!"  3  14Feb 27, 2013Gembly  Weston-Super-Mare
23"New York City"  2  12Jan 21, 2013blueskyjohn   New Jersey
24"New York"  9  9Jan 21, 2013freezer61  Oxford
25"New York, New York"  3Dec 30, 2012meteorologist1  Chicago
26"New York City"  1  2Dec 30, 2012Aunt_Bertha  Europe
27"Room with a veiw for Christmas"  1  6Dec 27, 2012807Wheaton  Augusta
28"Winter of '12 in NY"  6  10Dec 26, 2012alycat  Rockville
29"Jumping in New York"  2Oct 7, 2012Jumping  Phoenix
30"New York City 4th of July Fireworks 2012"  3Sep 24, 2012MrG27  Tokyo
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