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1"Lake Placid"  4  10Jun 29, 2015apbeaches  New York City
2"Lake Placid & The Amazing Adirondacks"  14  57May 3, 2014charlenemixa  Oldsmar
3"Lake Placid"  14  63Aug 29, 2013blueskyjohn   New Jersey
4"Adirondack Hiking home base"  1May 24, 2013nivu  Ottawa
5"Lake Placid and the Adirondacks region"  2  2Jul 28, 2007ando_deepti  New York City
6"Lake Placid- Home of the "Miracle""  1  4Mar 31, 2007VioletVampire13  Rocky Hill
7"Lake Placid"  3Oct 14, 2006bazoeker  Rotterdam
8"Lake Placid, NY (Adirondack High Peaks Region)"  4  52Oct 12, 2006L-A  Ottawa
9"3 Days in Lake Placid"  2  5Sep 20, 2006SurfaceTravel  London
10"Winter Sports"Dec 20, 2005Brix67  Erie
11"Lake Placid, New York"Dec 17, 2005catpause  Cincinnati
12"Welcome to Lake Placid, NY!"  10  6Oct 2, 2005Phildagr8  Ohio
13"Lake Placid"  2Aug 27, 2005Zanzibargirl  Newcastle
14"Springtime in Lake Placid"  2Apr 22, 2005CanuckMark  Ottawa
15"Lake Placid - Insurance Required"  5  6Apr 14, 2005SirIsaacBrock  Toronto
16"Lake Placid"  1Mar 19, 2005rdywenur  Rochester
17"Lake Placid"  1Jan 13, 2005Joyous1  Inverness
18"They held the Olympics here??!! TWICE??!!"  3  4Feb 22, 2004Deus_ultima  Wrexham
19"do you believe in miracle?"  3  10Dec 22, 2003terps94  Dixon
20"Camping Fun!"Oct 29, 2003BethStar83  Andover
21"Lake Placid"  13  33Oct 14, 2003chrissyalex  New York State
22"Adirondack Heaven"  2Oct 1, 2003Jttops  Silver Spring
23"Lake Placid"  3Sep 8, 2003Red_12  Cobourg
24"1980 Winter Olympics"  9Jun 14, 2003CdnJane  Barrie
25"Lake Placid Area"  5  7Apr 4, 2003Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
26"Lake Placid"  5  6Sep 20, 2002Monique_T  Bergeyk
27"rssle's new Lake Placid Page"  1Aug 17, 2002rssle  New Jersey
28"themerg's new Lake Placid Page"  7Jul 29, 2002themerg  Massachusetts
29"So much more than just a former olympic town"  12  2Jul 9, 2002marzy  Tupper Lake
30"yellowstar's Lake Placid Page"  3  12Nov 11, 2001yellowstar  London
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